when life happens…

After my mom, daughter, and I took little weekend getaway last weekend to Alabama to visit my cousins and her kids, I came back Sunday to beautiful weather in South Louisiana.  I had completed a fantastic 10 miler Sunday morning and although it seemed like a down week, felt pretty good that I was able to get some decent mileage in.  My hubby and I had a great Sunday afternoon with our daughter and he cooked me a lovely Valentine’s dinner.  So, I went to bed Sunday night feeling rejuveniated, refreshed, and eager to start another great training week in this beautiful weather…

well, life happens….sometime between 2 and 3 am…I woke up to hear my poor sweet toddler throwing up her evening dinner, and then some….so, from about 3 am to 5 am, I was up changing her, changing her sheets, cleaning her up, trying to get some liquids in her, and consoling her so that she could rest.  When my alarm went off at 5:30, I had just fallen back asleep, promptly hit snooze and slept until 7.

I woke up feeling pretty rested around 7 and my little one seemed to be in good spirits.  I thought some sunshine would do us good, so I loaded her up into the jogging stroller and did an easy 5 mile run. Ugh…I hate the jogging stroller and avoid running with it all costs because it seems so much more challenging.  Plus, I always have to make so many pit stops to pick up books, sippy cups, or items that tend to be thrown or fall out of the stroller.  But I was happy to get a run in, even if it felt slow.  Oh, my Garmin died and mother nature was calling too…so, needless to say, we started off Monday with a bang!

I woke up Tuesday morning and was soo nauseous.  All I could do was just sit and be still to avoid puking.  My stomach was churning all night the night before so I got the bug too.  Luckily, my mom was feeling better so she was able to watch the little one for a couple of hours so I could rest.  I called in sick to work and laid on my couch from 8:30 am until 2:30 pm.  I think the last time I relaxed that much was when the doctor put me on bedrest during my pregnancy for low amniotic fluid levels!

Luckily, today I feel better but had another rough night and was up with the little one a lot.  But, I did manage to get in my three mile run at just under an 8:00 minute pace/mile.  I thought about running four or five but wanted to take it easy today and aim for a fartlek or interval workout tommorow morning.

So, this is a lot of rambling but I guess I have learned to realize (especially with having kids) that life sometimes happens and as much as I want to follow a plan perfectly, hit all my workouts, and be precise in my training, that is not the reality of my life.  I used to beat myself up over this but I am learning that I need to let go of my attachments.  I need to realize that sometimes my running and life won’t go as planned and to let go of the dependence I have on running….that is, the thrill of seeking a pr coupled with the anxiety/tension/frustration I feel if I cannot get a run in.  I think the sooner I learn to let go of this, the sooner I can learn to just enjoy my running and not feel so dependent on it to make me feel a certain way.  Because, there will be times when I can’t run, and I have to learn to let my dependence on it go.

But for now, I’m going to enjoy what it brings to my life…..peace, a sense of strength, and confidence in myself to take on the challenges of life!


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