Okay,  my family has officially come back to life after the great stomach bug of 2011….ok, it was really not that bad but it felt like it took a lot out of me.

So….this week, I have run a total of 8 miles, all of which have been with the jogging stroller.  Props to all you moms who do their daily runs with the jogging stroller because it is one tough workout! I am so ready for my 5:30 am solo run tommorow.

After reading so many lovely blogs of moms who manage to get their mileage in despite crazy schedules and hectic routines, I realize that I officially have no excuses to not get my runs in.  Yes, I may be tired some mornings and yes, it may not always  be the best run but it is better than no run at all. Some of these moms I read about amaze me with their commitment to their running and their family. I feel like such a slacker!!!

Oh…and I will do my hot yoga too! I went last night after a six week hiatus and was so happy to be stretching, strengthening, and focusing.  Plus, I just love the music and atmosphere of my late evening sweat sessions.  Ahhh…hot yoga I have missed you!

So, we have my in-laws coming in tommorow morning but at the minimum, I’m aiming for my 5+ mile fartelk tommorow and a nine to ten miler on Sunday.  I left myheadphones at work so this will all be sans music, which will be interesting.  I don’t mind racing without my tunes but I love my long run and music.  It just gets me going in the morning and helps me stay focused and strong! I get a little bored without my tunes.  I know I should use this time to think, focus on my thoughts, and focus on my form but I feel so empowered with a great tune and great pace.

so….beginning tomorrow…no more excuses!


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