training plan decisions…


Well, I am nine weeks out until my 10k and I am having a little bit of a dilemma with my training plan.  When I originally decided to run the Crescent City Classic in April, I downloaded a training guide from the race website and followed the base building phase.  But when the "speed" portion of the plan begin it only offered speed work once/week and seemed fairly basic without too much focus on targeting specific race paces (e.g., 5k, 10k, etc.) based on your recent race history. I followed this plan until my first 10k two weeks ago and managed to run a great 10k race despite not having any real focus but felt I needed a better plan.

After reading Amanda’s lovely blog, I decided to try out the book Brain Training for Runners by Matt Fitzgerald.  I have been reading a bit about her marathon training and I liked the structure of the plan she is following.  So, I ordered it from Amazon and it came in the mail last Monday! I love Amazon…it feels like Christmas every single time I receive an item. The 10k training looks great, but lately, I have been thinking, since I am already running a solid 10 miler every weekend, maybe I should just aim for a half marathon instead of focusing on a 10k?  With my husband being busy this time of year, I don’t have time to train for a full, but a half would certainly be a great accomplishment to wrap up before the summer.

So, now, I need to decide….half marathon in June in Chicago or end with my 10k training in April? Chicago in June is great but I am just hoping the race won’t be too hot by then.  And, until I make up my mind, which training plan should I follow? eek….decisions!!

I know some of you may just run and not focus too much on training plans, mileage, distance, but I guess I have always been the typical "A" type personality that likes a plan, direction, and a list to check off…so, I may stick with the half marathon plan for now until I make up my mind.  I can always back off if I want to end my training by April.

Okay…so, here is my training week recap:

  • Monday: 5 miles with the jogging stroller (not sure about pace)
  • Tuesday: off
  • Wednesday: 3 miles with the jogging stroller  (24 mins/7:59 pace) + hot yoga
  • Thursday: off
  • Friday: 5.5 miles w/ 6X90 second pickups
  • Saturday: 3 miles (22:37/7:32 pace)
  • Sunday: 10 miles (1:21:40/8:10 pace)

Total miles: 26.5

Overall, I felt great this week despite my stomach bug episode on Monday and Tuesday! I need to make sure my Garmin is charged before my run because it seems every time I go to head out for a run, my Garmin has died and I am left running without it or without any means to gauge my pace.

Alright, happy Sunday. I’m off to rest and enjoy the rest of my weekend!


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