a lapse…

Well, over a week has gone by since my last blog post and yikes! I have been really bad about this lapse! Running was so so last week so I guess I have not been too excited about blogging/running but after a weekend trip away to visit family, I feel ready to start a new week.  So, here is my week in recap:

  • Monday: rest
  • Tuesday: 5 mile easy run (41/8:06) – left shin feeling sore!
  • Wednesday: stroller fit + hot yoga!
  • Thursday: 4.5 miles (34:35/7:46 pace) – did 5X 90 second pickups
  • Friday: 4.5 miles easy (37/8:09 pace)
  • Saturday: rest
  • Sunday: long run – 7 miles (56:16)

Total miles: 21 miles

I am debating on following the level one plan which has me running four times a week or adding an extra day.  I think for now I will follow the four day a week plan, add a day if I feel like it, and see how I do with that.  The level one plan is a little easier than the training I was doing before my 10k race in February but I am feeling a bit of a post race slump after I ran on February 5th so I am hoping that maybe stepping down, then building back up for a half in June will keep me fresh and motivated to stay training through June.  I think it has just been challenging for me not to get too bored with the monotony of running at 5:30 in the dark, on the same path every day! I like doing my solo runs but I like to mix it up too.  I love to run with other people to keep it fun and to also change up the scenery.  So, it was helpful when my mom and I took a road trip to Houston last weekend so I could get away and do a long run someplace new.

I still have not committed to the half in June but for now am going to follow this plan! Five weeks down…fifteen to go!


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