Happy Mardi Gras!!!

Well, today is officially Mardi Gras, the craziest party in New Orleans! I can’t help but think about my college days when I attended school in New Orleans.  My coach always managed to schedule a meet/practice during the carnival season but we of course, got creative finding ways to get in our workouts and have some fun! I found some really old Mardi Gras pictures. You have to love an excuse to dress up and go crazy over plastic beads!!


Dressed up and ready for the parades!


Wow, this is a really old pink (I’m in pink!)

winona and ashley judd

My mom and sister decked out for the Bacchus Ball!

Bacchus 2003

Me and hubby heading to the ball….yes, he had a good time in the French Quarter that day!


My dad getting ready to ride the floats on Bacchus!

guth does mardi gras

Hubby, somewhere in the quarter w/ his jester hat!

Which also means that lent starts tomorrow and I will be giving up blogging.  I may still blog occasionally to keep track of my running but will take a break from reading/commenting.  I enjoy reading so many lovely blogs, but I need to unplug a little a spend a little less time on the computer!

Hopefully, this will give me some time to refocus and heal.  See, my left foot/shin has really been bothering me lately.  I took a break since last Friday, skipped my long run, and after my speed workout today, it has been bothering  me all day.  I had a great workout and hit all my targets but now I am scared that just as I began to start being able to build something, I am going to have to step back, lose some fitness, and rebuild again.

Thanks to Amanda and her lovely blog @http://runninghood-amanda.blogspot.com/, I decided to order/read Brain Training for Runners by Matt Fitzgerald.  The training plans are great but when I got to the chapter on injury, he recommended a very conservative approach to injury.  Basically, he advised to stop running and only resume when you are able to run pain free.  I usually feel soreness during the first ten minutes or so of the workout, then am able to warm-up and get back into a rhythm and the pain subsides.  But this mentally of running left me out for running for months.  While I don’t want to do that, I need to find a balance so that I can rest and recuperate as soon as possible and prevent another long injury/lapse.  Time is limited though as I would like to plan for another baby sometime soon.  So, I know that my time to get some competitive runs/races in are limited before I will sacrifice my body for another worthy goal! Of course, next pregnancy, I want to work more to stay in shape during my pregnancy versus letting my fitness lapse.  I have read so many great blogs of moms who ran throughout their pregnancy and were running great races six months postpartum! I know I am not as hard core as some mom runners, but it gives me something to work towards!

okay, so I happened to be surfing through my old files and I found this picture from college…ahhh, those were the days!



3 thoughts on “Happy Mardi Gras!!!

  1. I don’t know why but everytime I try to add you to my blog roll to see if you are there yet, It won’t work so don’t give up on me when you come back to blogging. I’m sorry if I miss so many of your posts. I always enjoy them and when I come here after seeing a comment from you, I’m alwasys glad you commented so I can be reminded to check in! 🙂

    • hmmm….I will have to figure out why it won’t let you add you? I’m not very technical but that is strange! Anyway, the brain training book is great and I love the workout plans/training guides! So, thanks so much for sharing your info. I need to be better at pacing too and finding the right balance with my pacing….I either push myself too hard or take it too easy and regret it later! It has been almost 10 years since I have really started to focus and do speed work so I have to work on this. But, I think you are doing a rock star job with your training and I know you are going to do awesome in your marathon in June….you have heart and guts!!!

  2. Hi Stephanie. I’m so glad you got the book! You seem experienced and talented and I know you will like the book. It is great! I just need to follow my pace guidelines better and slow down a bit on some of my key workouts so I don’t burn out. Thanks for your sweet comment. I think this is an awesome thing to give up. I think I might just have to think about giving up something this year too! Thanks for the inspiration! And thanks for your comments.

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