Brother Eldon 5k

Well, after resting my shin since Tuesday, I was a little nervous about racing this Saturday but I figured I would do a quick warm-up and if my shins felt bad, just take it easy. And if not, I could race it! This is a small 5k hosted my high school’s brother school (as I went to an all girls school) and I won the race! Granted it was a small event but winning and the cash/award prize money was a nice surprise!!

I forgot to stop my watch at the end of the race, but I ran 3 miles in 20:20, so when I crossed the finish, I saw 20:36 but when I looked down to stop my watch after the race, it was 21:03, so I’m keeping it at 21:03, but thinking the next 5k, I am going to go for a sub 21.  Perhaps I already was at a sub 21 pace, but until I have concrete results, I’ll keep my 21:03 5k. 

Here were my splits:

  • Mile 1 – 6:48
  • Mile 2 – 6:52
  • Mile 3 – 6:39
  • last .1 ??? 45 seconds????

I felt really great the whole race (a bit tired at the last 1/2 mile but I guess that is expected).  My dad and I always run this race together and my husband and daughter came out to cheer us on so it was great having all the family out there to support me!

Here are some pictures of me receiving my award.  The man in orange is Brother Eldon. He has been involved in athletics at the high school for years and at 80+ years, he has participated in the 5k/running events every year! He is an inspirational man and person for his faith and commitment to a healthy lifestyle!

Spring 2011 054 Spring 2011 052 Spring 2011 053

After the race, the overall male winner approached me and asked me if I wanted to join their team for our local Corporate Cup race in April.  They have two males (that ran in the 17s) and needed a female runner for their team. So, I think it will be fun to run with a team for a race and perhaps see if we can win in our division!

Overall though, it was great to get out and race and it helps with my confidence. My shins are still sore but feel better.  I went to a running store the other day to see about changing up my shoes and they fitted me in the New Balance 890s which are a super light, neutral/cushioned shoes.  He said my arches were higher and since I don’t tend to pronate, that I might not need the stability shoe that I have been running in.  I have always raced in a neutral shoe and don’t know what made me switch to a stability shoe but I’m hoping this might help my shins/foot a little? They felt much better during the race than my other trainers so I’m hoping if I can rest on Sunday that I can get some better mileage next week.

Alright, well, so far, I have made it almost a week into my facebook/blogging hiatus. I have been okay without facebook but I really miss reading all my running blogs!


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