I decided to try and go for a run last night when my husband got home from work….I was aiming for between a four and six mile run.  I started off feeling good but as I got into the run, my paced slowed and I felt like my leg support/left shin was just giving out. I managed to finish out a three mile home, got home, iced my leg and wanted to cry…

I just kept thinking…here I go again.  I spent from last June to November injured with a classic case of plantar fasciitis.  After taking so much time off to heal, I was  finally starting to get into a running groove again. I tried to be really conservative in building back my mileage only to feel another injury creeping.

I feel frustrated…..frustrated with my body for not letting me run and frustrated with myself.  I was so looking forward to some races in April and I just hope I can let my body heal quickly and not lose all the fitness that I have worked so hard to begin to build back.

So, now it is back to resting, icing, yoga, and biking….I just truly hope that if I can take some time off and not run until the pain subsides that I can let this injury heal quickly.  I know I need to be patient with myself.

How do you heal from an injury without losing too much fitness? I know biking is a good option but when do you know you are ready to begin running again how do you rebuild your mileage once your injury is healed (e.g., do you have to start from ground zero?

I was fortunate enough to never have any major injuries throughout my high school/college running days so learning how to ease back and manage injuries is really new to me.  I wish I still had my old cross country coach to help answer all these questions for me!!

Any tips or advice would be appreciated!


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