thankful for my injuries?

So, last night during my weekly hot yoga class our instructor started off with the class talking about injuries.  She mentioned how individuals usually come to yoga as a result of their injuries as they cannot perform their normal fitness routines and want to still do something healthy for their bodies. I started practicing yoga regulary after I began battling plantar fasciitis last summer. 

So, in a way, I’m thankful for my injuries for bringing me to yoga.  Because as I sweat each week and improve on my strength and flexibility, I realize that I have focused for years on cardiovascular fitness, but have done a really bad job of neglecting other aspects of fitness.  I could never touch my toes, do a backbend, do a headstand, do push-ups or any of that before yoga.  I blew it off as I did not feel like I had a lot of time to do other workouts because running took up most of my time.  Now, I am realizing that for the long-term, how helpful yoga will be.  I have improved so much  and although I may never get into some of those crazy arm balance poses, I love trying and learning something new each week.


One thought on “thankful for my injuries?

  1. I truly wished I liked yoga, but I just don’t. It is tough!

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