back in the running?!? – Corporate Cup 5k race report

Well, I have not blogged in a while. Truthfully, I’m a really terrible blogger but I have not been able to run and frankly did not have much to post about.  Since my race on 3/12, I have been doing some yoga and biking.  I tried to do some walk/runs but my shins still were bothering me.  So, finally, after a last ditch effort to run last Sunday, I just decided to race…and pray that my shins hold up for the 5k race that I was scheduled to do today.

I had entered the race as a team and they were really wanting to win the Corporate Cup. Scoring is based on the composite time of all three runners.  So, I decided to rest and see what happens on race day.

Well….I was pleasantly surprised…I was the first overall female and won the race with a time of 20:06. Somehow, after resting for three weeks, I managed to shave a minute off my 5k time.  I was shocked that I was able to run this and despite worrying that I was going to crash and burn after running my first mile in 6:25, managed to finish the race strong.

Here were my splits:

1- 6:25

I was thrilled that I was able to run my last mile faster than my second because after a quick first mile and fatigue/heat setting in after finishing the second mile, I just held on as long as I could for the final mile.  Now, I’m thinking, if I do a little bit more speed, can I get my sub 20 5k (which I have not seen since college).  Ahh…the beauty of running….once you reach one  goal, there is always a new challenge ahead!

Our team got first in our division so I can home with the team award and overall female winner award.  I love racing in Baton Rouge because the competition is not so tough and I can actually win some races!!! Very fun.

Anyway, I did not have my camera but my teammates are going to send me pics so I will post some of those soon.

So, now that my shin does not hurt, I’m thinking I can maybe try some mileage this week.  I had signed up for another 5k on 4/9 which is on a shady, but hilly course. I’m not sure if I will get a pr after racing this week but am going to enjoy hopefully another nice race in April!

alright….enough rambling. Pics to come soon 🙂


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