A new pr!

I generally don’t like to see running pics because I feel like my form looks all awkward and I’m super impressed by anybody who can run fast and look good at the same time because I always have this I’m about to pass out and die look!

…..but, I liked this pic because it shows my time at the finish. My chip time was actually 20:06 but this is close enough.

My shin is really sore today so I’m hoping I can recover from the race and work through thus injury. I am enjoying the faster 5k times but would really like to build back up to the longer races after the spring/summer.



3 thoughts on “A new pr!

  1. Congrats!!! This is great! How exciting! If we lived closer, it sounds like we would be compatible running partners! 🙂

  2. Welcome back! I’ve been lacking in posting recipes… I’ll do another smoothie post soon, with actual recipes included! Nice 5K PR!!

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