Something about the warmer temps in spring and summer makes me crave smoothies. Lately, I have been trying very hard to get my veggie/fruit servings for the day and smoothies are such a nice, quick way for me to fit them in as a meal or snack. Plus, I rarely have time to sit down as my toddler hates to be confined in her high chair, so I can enjoy my smoothies and chase around my toddler at the same time. Wonderful!

As I was making it, little miss decided she wanted to try and she loved it! I don’t want to force her to eat certain things but hope to let her try healthy foods. Thankfully, she loves her fruits and veggies. We do let get have sweets in moderation but I am so thankful she is a healthy eater and a happy child.

Anyway, so after my 5k pr on Saturday, I tried to go for a run last night and my shins are still bothering me. It feels like combination if shin splints/tendinitis. Since my dad and I always participate in the annual Fat Boy 5k race, I am going to run/race on saturday but will be resting until then. I don’t anticipate pulling off another pr but may just run for fun. I have a 10k race scheduled on 4/23 but may scratch that as trying to race it may do more harm then good. I would rather take a week or two off to rest and let me shins/leg heal rather than attempt to run and risk a stress fracture.

But resting/cross training is so hard… Nothing beats stress like running does and when I look at my measly mileage for march from trying to rest, I try my best not to get frustrated. I want so badly to train for a longer race in the fall but I need to let my injuries heal.

I just get scared of losing all my fitness and hard work…. I will get over this and be healthy to train for a longer race in the fall.



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