racing and my ego…

I ran another 5k today. And after the high of running a 20:06 5k last weekend, this race was much different. I was feeling pretty sick this week with a cold and after trying to run on Monday and my shins just hurt, I decided to rest this week, see how I felt on Saturday and just run for fun.

I finished the race in 21:50 which is just over a 7 minute pace/mile and almost two minutes slower than last week’s time. After my warmup I was not feeling 100% so I decided to take this race easy and just run for fun. Which as a runner, is sometimes hard to step back and not get into competitive mode. In a way, it was enjoyable to just run and not having to battle the pain of pushing through a fast 5k.  I still feel like I have not run a race yet where I have given it 100% percent, but this was a decidedly more casual pace. And although it felt nice to pull back, take it easy, and just run, I can’t help but battle my ego that wants to go out there and win, run faster than last week, and well….stop sandbaggin’….

Now, I know for some runner a 21:50 5k would be a great race for you! And that is the beauty of running because we  all are out to achieve our own personal goal, whether that is to run a 5k, finish a marathon, or run a sub 20 5k. But, even after years of running where I peaked at a 19 :00 flat 5k, I still feel like I have so much potential. And my ego just won’t let that what could be go…sometimes I think I want to sit back and jut enjoy my running but other times I dream of what I could run or achieve.

But given that my monthly mileage for March was 35 miles and my training pretty much came to a half after my race mid-March due to some nagging injuries, I feel happy that I was able to get some good Spring races in before the heat of the summer sets in. It gets quite humid and hot here in South Louisiana in the summer so maybe stepping back this week was just what I needed not to re-aggravate my injury so that I can finally start building back up my mileage for a fall half/full marathon! As much I have enjoyed the 5k races, I really miss the half marathon distance! I’m praying that with some stretching and icing tommorow, I can finally get some mileage in this week.  I am really mising my morning runs!



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