thankful for april…

Well, it has been over a month since I stopped my training.  My last workout was on March 9th and then I raced March 12, and April 2 and April 9th. But other than those races, my training has been pretty minimal.

When I look at my monthly mileage for March and April, I try not to get frustrated or regret not slowing down sooner. But, after taking some time off, I went for a one mile run last night and my leg felt pretty good.  Perhaps I am being overly conservative, fearful of diving back into running too quickly and ending up with a worse injury.  But, I think with April, things are beginning to look better.

My husband made it to April 15th…tax season is over and he can be home at night and on the weekend leaving me more time/options to run and workout, and of course, spend time together as a family.

Spring is here, the weather is warm and beautiful, and we have many fun days in the sun to look forward to this summer!

After doing some fun 5ks and 10ks, I have enjoyed getting a little faster and achieving some personal records. Now, that I have more time, I can aim for a longer race in the fall (that is if I can survive training in the heat and humidity of the summer!)

life is good…


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