the race…

My mom posted this video today and it was really inspirational to me…

I’ve been a little frustrated lately because I was not able to run in a couple of goal races and had to back off running significantly since early March.  I felt frustrated that all the hard work I put in to get back into shape would be lost.  But after thinking about it, I realized that I want running to be a lifetime sport.  Like my dad, I want to be running when I am sixty.  So, I need to learn to respect my body, training, and when I have setbacks to train smart and realize that like life, running is full of obstacles and things in your path to keep you from achieving your goals.  But, like this video so clearly indicates, it is about the RISE and not the FALL…

Thankfully, since last week I have completed several 2 to 4 mile runs and so far so good! My shins feel a little sore after I run but I’m trying to do my best to ice after every run, stretch, and focus on my running form.  After looking at several pictures from some past races, I realize how little I pay attention my form. Between working part-time and taking care of my toddler, I have less time to run.  I seem to spend a lot of time squeezing in running but need to focus on form, strength, and flexibility too!

The hubby is working late tonight so I’ll miss my weekly Hot Yoga class tonight but hope to do some yoga/weights at home tonight after the little one goes to bed.

Any tips on building mileage post-injury?  I never seemed to have any injuries pre-baby so I’m new trying to get back into running post-injury.  I have been trying to run every other day but if I run 10 miles this week is it really best to follow the 10% rule?  That just seems so conservative and may take a while to get back to my routine weekly mileage.


One thought on “the race…

  1. This post is a GREAT reminder that sometimes we all have to take a step back, focus on strengthening and form, and THEN build up mileage and speed if we want to be HEALTHY lifetime runners.

    I, too, dream of being the old lady in the retirement home still going out for her daily jogs. 🙂

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