weekly recap….

Well, I had such a nice weekend.  Honestly, I did not do anything super special but it was so nice to have some time to spend with my family now that my husband is done working on the weekends! We grilled out, took little Miss to the park and for a bike ride, took walks outside with my mom’s dogs, worked in the yard, and just enjoyed the beautiful weather.  It is funny how your concept of fun changes after you have a toddler! We used to spend our weekends going out to dinner with friends, sleeping in, running whenever I felt like it…it all changes when you have a toddler who is up and ready to go at 6:30 am on the weekends!

This was the first week where I was able to run four times/week and my shins held up enough to run every other day! Yay! My mileage is still really low but I’m just thankful that I was able to run every other day without having sharp pains in my legs!

So, here is my weekly recap:

  • Monday: 2 miles
  • Tuesday: rest
  • Wednesday: 2 miles + Hot Yoga
  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: 2 miles
  • Saturday: 4 miles + 25 min bike ride
  • Sunday: Vinyasa Flow Yoga

So, 10 miles per week is not too much to brag about but I was just happy to finally get some miles in this week and hope I can continue to build and stay injury free!


2 thoughts on “weekly recap….

  1. Don’t for one second scoff at a 10 miles! That is an awesome weekly mileage amount…especially since you’re throwing in a bike ride and TWO yoga sessions!

    And its true, date nights with my husband now focus on dinner and an early movie instead of bars and late-night fast food. I don’t miss it though. Our priorities are just different now, and I’m a-okay with that! 🙂

    • thanks for the encouragement. I’ll be back to mile 10 mile runs on the weekends soon! And hopefully for some fall marathons too! I keep reading about the Louisiana Marathon and so excited about this new event in Baton Rouge!

      yes, date nights do change with kiddos, but it is so fun too! I don’t miss the party scene or bars at all! But, maybe just sleeping in every now and then would be nice!!

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