I’ve Become that Mom!

Okay, I generally don’t like to write about my mom war stories because I don’t want to let the difficult times I discuss about being a mom to overshadow the positives since we tend to need to vent about the negative more than the positive. But today, I just felt like that stereotypical unorganized stay-at-home mom with the crazy toddler at the mall!

I work part-time on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so that leaves me time on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to run errands, grocery shop, attempt to clean the house and keep it organized, and plan activities and play dates for little Miss. I try to leave the weekends open to relax and have some family time.

This week is particularly busy because we have my mom’s birthday, mother’s day, and  my in-laws coming in town for the weekend…..eek, stay calm! So, of course, I procrastinate and wait until this week to get groceries, shop and wrap for presents, and get ready for my company.  If only I could learn to do this a little more ahead of time, but hey, I’m not perfect and do the best I can.

I knew it was going to be a rough week when I went to grocery store on Monday and got all the way through the checkout line to pay and realized I left my wallet in my yoga bag at home.  Whoops.…I felt really terrible asking the clerk to put all the groceries  back because  I did not have my wallet! I was heading to my toddler’s music class just after that, so I did not have time to go home to get my wallet….ahh, such is life.

Today, I decided to run some errands and shop for mother’s day/birthday presents.  Little Miss typically naps around 1:00, eats lunch around 12:00.  Since the mall and most of the stores don’t open until 10ish, that leaves me with a pretty small window to shop.  I also had to find a dress for a party that my husband and I are going to next weekend, so I thought I would check out the dresses too….ugh, I should have just stuck with the present shopping because as I get my toddler out of her stroller to try on a dress (which I could not fit into the dressing room), she has a huge meltdown because she wants back into her stroller As I’m trying on the dress, she is bawling like crazy and refuses to stay in the dressing room or keep the door closed so I could finish getting dressed! The sales clerks were super nice and offered to watch her outside the room so I could try on the dresses  but I felt terrible.  Yes, you learn to shop very quickly with kiddos!

Later on, I was buying my mom some lotion and as I got to check out I realized little Miss dropped and broke the container. I offered to buy the broken one but the sales lady insisted I could take a new, undamaged container.

As I was checking out  I realized that I have become that mom with the screaming, fussy, toddler who breaks things in the store and has meltdowns.  I NEVER thougth I would be this person as I have always been super organized.  But with kids, sometimes just have to roll with it and be thankful for people who understand what it is like to have little ones who get a little cranky when they are hungry, need their nap, or are sick of being in or out of the stroller!

Ahh..I am so thankful to have running as my therapy.  I was able to get up and out before she woke up this morning for a lovely three mile run in this gorgeous morning before the craziness began! And for the first time since late February, my shins/lower leg did not hurt on my run. Sometimes, all I need is just a little me time to get out, burn off some stress….and RUN!


2 thoughts on “I’ve Become that Mom!

  1. Wow. Oh wow.

    So this is what I have to look forward to, eh? 🙂

    Just reading about your day wore me out. And if just reading about it wears me out, it reminds me that I’m SO not quite ready for mommyhood. Thank goodness I have several more months before Baby Key arrives. I’ll need those months to develop patience and tolerance.

    Good luck and keep running, mama!

    • Ha! Not every day is like this. We have so many fun, great days too! Plus, they start out small so you have plenty of time to learn the ropes.

      Being a mom is tough, but so fun! And yes, you can still find plenty of time to run and do things you love too!

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