Happy Mother’s Day!


First to recap, I had a great running week.  I was able to increase my mileage and keep my shin splints at bay…yay! Here is my weekly mileage:

  • Monday: 3 miles
  • Tuesday: rest
  • Wednesday: 3 miles
  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: 3 miles
  • Saturday: 5 miles
  • Sunday: rest

Total: 14 miles

I have had a wonderful mother’s day. My husband cooked breakfast in the morning and went to church  afterwards.  This afternoon, my mom and I are going to see a movie and get some coffee! As a mom of a very busy toddler, sometimes all I need is a little time away for myself to relax and visit with friends and family.

After hearing all the coverage of the Girls on the Run 5k yesterday and celebrating my second mother’s day since the birth of my little girl, I can’t help but think about what type of legacy I want to leave for my daughter. I come from a family with very few close older women relatives in my life.  My mom’s mother passed away at a very young age and we don’t have very many close aunts in our family. So, needless to say, my mom, sister, and I depend on each other a lot. Despite lots of drama and arguments over the years, we continue to encourage and support each other.  But this all has me thinking of what type of example I want for my daughter.

I started running in high school. I tried other sports in elementary school and was pretty terrible  but my dad begged me to try and find something to get involved in. I decided to run cross country and joined the team my freshman year. I had a terrible freshman year.  I would come home from practice so sore I could barely make it up the stairs. I  got injured, was forced to spend most of the season stretching, and remember getting passed by the run/walkers at the last meet of the season. My mom was a bit concerned that I was going to overdue it but continued to support my decision to keep up with my commitment.  I was determined not to quit! I kept it up and by the end of my freshman year, I was competing on the varsity team in the outdoor track season. I grew to love the sport and my team and have been running ever since.

Which brings me back to my daughter. Whether she chooses to run, swim, play soccer, or dance, I hope she too finds a sport or something that she is passionate about that will provide her with the sense of accomplishment and self worth that running has provided me. I hope she gets involved in an activity that will teach her to respect herself for who she is and to also respect and be kind to others. Until then, I will try to do my best to encourage a healthy lifestyle and kindness towards others and hope that by bettering myself, I can  lead by example and strive to be a positive role model in her life.


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. I love this post! I too hope that by leading by example my daughters will learn to value themselves and others.

    • thanks karen! I hope my daughter does learn by my examples. My parents have always been healthy, active positive role models so I do think it helps when you have a positive example!

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