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Over a year ago, after reading several running/health blogs, I decided to join the blogging community and start my own blog.   I enjoy writing and using a blog as a tool to track, document, and remember my running and fitness goals and progress.  As an added bonus, if I got to read and share my thoughts with other runners and bloggers, that is nice too.

For lent this year, I decided to give up blogging and facebook.  This was really tough because sometimes when you are home all day with a toddler and aren’t able to engage in many adult conversations, it is nice to escape to facebook or to blogs to read/comment and feel like you connect with friends and other like-minded folks.  While I enjoyed my blog hiatus, after lent I plunged into another social networking tool: twitter. Twitter is so much fun! I think I may like it more than facebook 🙂

Now, I do love twitter, facebook, blogs, etc. I love that I can read about others experiences.  While it definitely is a time suckage (not sure if that is a word but I’ll go with it),  it is great because in a culture where so many want to party or live unhealthy lives, I know there are other people out there who have the same crazy habits I do.  People who love an early morning run and get excited about the purchase of their next running gear and look forward to planning their upcoming race season! Yes, I am a running nerd!!!  

But lately, with all the time required to be on the screen or on my phone for social networking along with a toddler, husband, part-time job at a university, and a full time job as a mom, I wonder, how do you all fit it all in (and get sleep!)  I feel like I barely have to read or comment on a few blogs a day and can maybe post two to three times a week.  I would love to read, comment, post, and connect more but sometimes between all  my other responsibilities, I begin to wonder how to fit it all in?!?

I think it is about balancing your priorities and good time management skills! Something which I think I could definitely work on as I do waste time.  I want to continue to blog and connect with others but finding the time to fit it all in can be tough!

Until I figure this mystery out, I will leave you with a picture  of the day.  My little miss who now insists on changing diapers for her stuffed animals.  Toddlers make me smile!!



6 thoughts on “blogging and social networking

  1. She is adorable 🙂 I totally agree its so hard finding a balance! Oh and twitter is way better than fb 😉

  2. Keeping up with the blog, twitter, facebook, etc. can definitely drain your time if you let it. I write and post by blogs on my lunch breaks or my mid-afternoon quick break. What I get out of social media (a support network, confirmation that my running schedule isn’t crazy, great advice on gear and training, etc.) is worth the commitment sometimes. Now that I’ve gotten into it, I really love it. In the “real world”, so many people are negative and unsupportive. I find the complete opposite to be true in the social media world. Its a nice change. 🙂

    • thanks for the tips katie! yes, i guess this habit is a bit time consuming but I do love sharing (and mostly) reading about others and their healthy lifestyle. It makes it easier to brush off the negative comments of others!!

    • I agree with Katie on the support we receive (and offer?) as a blogging/running community. I’m with you on the time issue, too. When I’m at work, I do like Katie and blog on my break. I was feeling like time spent on my phone to “quickly” catch up on a blog or two, or twitter feed, actually was taking my attention from my kids, so now I reserve blog reading for naptime or in the evening while my husband and I watch TV or he plays his Xbox and I relax next to him…. apparently we are 30 year olds stuck in 16 year old entertainment habits!

      • thanks leslie! I do think the support and advice really helps! I am going to work on managing my time better so that I can set aside time to blog, read, comment, etc. so that when I am with my toddler I am not doing quite so much multitasking!!

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