yoga and more..

So, I went to my weekly hot yoga class last Wednesday and I realized that this month, I have been consistently practicing yoga for over a year! We have a great yoga studio in Baton Rouge called Yoga Bliss and the classes, studio, and teachers are awesome!!!

I started practicing yoga last year because I am THE most inflexible person you have met.  And yes, I was the girl in elementary school who could never do the cartwheel….I am just that uncoordinated! Thank goodness I found running because I was pretty bad at other sports, despite my best efforts. 

I really got into yoga last June when I developed a dreaded overuse injury….plantar fasciitis.  I could not run or walk and was pretty miserable.  So, I started yoga and fell in love with the practice.  I still am not sure when I am ever going to be able to master the headstand or arm balance poses, but I have improved so much since last May and I think the stretching and core strength has helped me so much with my running.

But, as much as I enjoy my weekly yoga sweat sessions…I feel like I need a little more strength.  As I was going on my six mile run this morning I realized that it was not my legs that were tired but my back and upper body. Now Yoga classes are pricey and a family gym membership is even pricier for this single income family.  While I do work, my part time salary is definitely not making us rich.

So, when my husband announced that he was thinking about buying P90x…I said yes!!! I know is a bit pricey and I hear the workouts are pretty hard core but I am hoping to maybe try and fit in 1-2 strength workouts per week, along with my weekly yoga, and 4-5 runs per week. Plus, the beauty of P90x is that I can do my workouts at home and not have to worry about leaving or hauling my little one off to a gym nursery.

So, I figured by posting this. It commits me to working through the program and to document the process. I am hoping I can use this time this summer to build some mileage and strength!!!

Alright, well, I did my long run this morning so I am ready for a fun weekend. My husband’s fraternity is having their 50th anniversary celebration this weekend so we are off to a baseball tailgate and a gala Saturday night. This mom is looking forward to a night of dressing up and getting out for the evening with her husband!!!


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