weekly/weekend recap….

So, I guess I should technically do my weekend/weekly recap on Sunday since that is normally reserved as a rest day for me but yesterday was a very LAZY Sunday after a late evening out on Saturday with my husband. I had so much fun getting dressed up and enjoying a nice seated dinner without having to chase around a toddler! Little miss had a sleepover at my parents house so I got to sleep in Sunday morning until 8:30! Ok, you know you are old/a parent when sleeping till 8:30 on a Sunday feels late 🙂

So, to recap for the week:

  • Monday: 4 miles
  • Tuesday: rest
  • Wednesday: 4 + Hot Yoga
  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: 6 miles
  • Saturday: 3 miles
  • Sunday: rest

Total Mileage: 16 miles per week

My mileage is still pretty low for the week but I want to gradually increase and try run every other day until I hit about 20 miles per week.  Then, I can add another day of running. But, my six mile run on Friday was my longest run to date since my leg starting bothering me in March and I felt great the entire run! So, now that I am feeling like I am going to begin building my mileage back, I can’t help but think about some fun fall races.  The summer will be mostly building mileage with a couple of fun runs/races to see where I am at with my training/speed (or lack thereof)!

Today I signed up for the Louisiana Half-Marathon in January. I know that is a ways a way but I received a discount code and the registration fee goes up in June and I ended up spending less than $40 for the race, so I figured that is a good deal for a half marathon. Plus, I am just excited about participating in the inaugural event in Baton Rouge!

I also want to look into running either (or perhaps both) the Gulf Coast Half Marathon and the Jazz Half Marathon both in October.  I figured a half marathon any earlier than October would be pretty brutal in South Louisiana! Thankfully, these last few days of cool weather and low humidity have been wonderful for running.  I am enjoying it while I can because I am not quite ready for the heat of the summer just yet!

If you have any fun summer/fall race plans, let me know. I love to hear about other’s training/race schedules!


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