child’s pose

I went to my weekly hot yoga class on Wednesday night and yikes, it is getting a bit more challenging to do hot yoga in this summer heat. The temperature in my car read 103+ yesterday afternoon.  Eeek, this is going to be one hot summer!! But, I want to continue my weekly yoga practice because the strength and stretching does wonders for injury prevention, and for my sanity.

In yoga, the instructor always begins our class by reminding us that that if we are feeling tired, sick, or dizzy, we always have the option to leave the room or take a break and rest in child’s pose.


Child’s Pose

I know some hard core athletes may find child’s pose or “corpse pose” the final asana of the class which also known as savasana to be boring but I love these poses and always take the option to rest in child’s pose if I need to. I love this time to stretch and relax.



Interestingly, many yoga teachers will say that sometimes resting in child’s pose/savasana is the most challenging pose, which sounds a bit counterintuitive because what is hard about resting ?!? But, when you think about it, sometimes it is really difficult to let your ego go, listen to your body, and rest when you need to.  I am definitely guilty of this as a runner/athlete.  I brush off injuries and run through pain when my body is clearly telling me that I need a break to rest. It all goes back to my ego and me thinking that I can gut it out through pain.  Sometimes, it is necessary to push through the discomfort when running a race to seek a new pr, but I also think that as athletes, we have to find a balance between pushing ourselves and overdoing it to the point of injury.

But that is what I love about yoga.  Where running is all about gutting through pain, pounding out the miles, and breaking barriers, yoga teaches you to be mindful of your body, respect your boundaries, and take a step back when you need to. I hope as enter another training cycle this summer, by balancing the two disciplines, I will be a more balanced runner and athlete.


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