back into the routine…

I must say, after a long weekend of eating, relaxing, and sunning, I feel refreshed and ready to get back into my routine! I absolutely loved having this time for my husband and I to get away on a little vacation.  I ate way to much bad food but enjoyed every minute of it because I know when I am back at home, I keep up a healthy diet.  I ran a total of 20 miles last week (three of which were on vacation). So, now I’m feeling ready to get back into training mode again!

Which gets me thinking about races…back in December, I visited my alma mater for an awards ceremony.  I ran cross country and track in college and they selected me and several of my teammates to the All-Decade Cross Country Team.  You can read the write-up here.  It was great to meet the new coach and several of the younger athletes and catch up with my college running friends.  We all exchanged contact info and the coach contacted me last week about running in the invitational meet in September.  I of course jumped in a said yes and quickly e-mailed my teammate to see about putting together an alumni team.

And then I realized…eeek, a college cross country meet?!? Am I just setting myself up to be embarrassed? Granted, this is as a meet of small schools and we won’t be competing with the big teams (Division 1), like we had to in some of the larger college invitational meets. But, now, I am going to have to get some serious speed./hill workouts in to get ready for this race!! Some of the athletes are 10+ years younger than I am!

But regardless of how I run, I am looking forward to training and running this race. It should be a great event and hopefully a good race (so long as I don’t have to sport the bun huggers like the college gals do!)

I found this old picture…taken in the Fall 2001, post-regional meet. Loved those  fun college days:)

New Image


2 thoughts on “back into the routine…

  1. Fun!! Where did you go to college? Looks pretty there!

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