avoiding a rut…

I really should be taking this precious time I have during nap time to finish cleaning my kitchen, my house, fold laundry, get cleaned up before the little one is up so I can look decent for dinner plans this evening, but instead I am just going to take some time to read blogs and write about something that has been on my mind the past couple of days.

I went to my weekly yoga class last night.  The instructor always starts out with a little lesson or insight which I love because it gets me thinking. I am definitely one of those deep thinkers so I like to have this time to think, reflect, and of course, sweat….after all, it is a hot yoga class in the summer in South Louisiana….eek, a tough combo but I LOVE love the workout.

She started talking about maybe trying to change things up with our practice (which can also be expanded to include changing the routines we have in our daily life)…simple things like the fact that I always sit in the same position every class, tend to stick to the same class, on the same night, with the same instructor.  This includes things beyond just yoga too. I wake up the same time each day, go to sleep about the same time, and keep a pretty defined scheduled with little miss….yes, I am a creature of habit. I guess it has always given me comfort to have a routine and to stick with what works.  I too have been running for 17+ years and my main fitness routine has always been running, with some yoga and or occasional weight workouts.  The only consistent think I have added to my routine lately has been yoga, which I have been practicing for over a year.

Well…I must have needed to hear this message because after I was reading my book the same night, Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong…she had a similar quote that her yoga teacher told her as well that she wrote about.  “Do the same thing you have always done and get the same thing you have always gotten.”

I was talking about this with my mom the other afternoon and she agreed…”yep, that is the definition of insanity…doing the same thing and expecting different results.”

Lately I have spent a lot of time thinking about my schedule, how to fit in my workouts/runs, my summer training plan, and my running goals.  And while I have always embraced my routine…whether in running or in life, I also need to respect the fact that sometimes change (whether planned or not), brings forth and opportunity for new growth and development. A drastic injury (change) that left me unable to run brought me to a new yoga practice that I love (some days even more so than running!).

So, as I enter a new training cycle, I want to embrace my routine but also look for opportunities to mix things up, run with new people, new courses, new races, and try new workouts that could help me become a better athlete and person…


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