Week One…

I blogged a couple of weeks ago about considering training for a fall marathon.  I still have not decided whether I want to take on the marathon so I think I will start the base training and see how I feel by August 31rst (when the registration goes up!). Yes, I am terrible about committing and making decisions, so I’ll just procrastinate a little more and decide later.

The plan I am looking at using is a 24 week training program which puts me ready to run a marathon the first weekend in December  There are two marathons that weekend, either our local marathon, the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon or a little more challenging race, the White Rock Marathon in Dallas, Texas.

I am leaning towards White Rock, even thought it will definitely be a challenging course and probably not geared towards a pr/BQ time.  The Baton Rouge Beach Marathon is a double loop, which does not sound too exciting. Plus, I would like to run a race in a city other than where I do all my training. A little variety? yes, please! I did all my training for my first marathon in Dallas several years ago, so it would be fun to go back and race again in Texas.

Either way, this week begins the first week of training.  The first couple of weeks are base training.  I have already been building a base for the past couple of weeks, but I am going to use these extra weeks to continue to get acclimated to this heat. I ran at 7:30 on Saturday morning and it still feels super hot! I was so thankful for all my twitter and #RunLA peeps  because I was seriously not motivated to go for a run last Saturday morning. But when I got up and saw a stream of folks up racing, volunteering, and getting their workouts in, I felt a little less crazy for going out to run in this insane heat we have are experiencing in Louisiana!

So, yesterday was a rest day.  I felt so antsy not doing anything that I decided to do a quick 25 minute Yoga for Runners workout from Yoga Download.  I had all intentions of getting up this morning for a run. But my sick toddler had me up a bit last night and I could not get out of bed this morning.  So, I will be doing my hill repeats tonight.  Which is better because I can run to the park from my house to get some hills into my workout!


2 thoughts on “Week One…

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  2. I don’t like doing races where I train either. It’s much more fun (especially for 26.2! miles) to be in new/scenic territory. Good luck with base building. That’s what I’m doing — long slow runs in the early a.m. before the heat. I’m sure I’ll miss several of these because I enjoy sleeping in as much as running!

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