a day in the life

Back in January, I did a day in the life post. I got this idea from another blog I like to read, http://www.xapis.wordpress.com. I think it is kind of fun to look back and see how things have changed, especially when we have another child. I may realize how easy life with just one toddler is. Little Miss has a cold today so other than going to the grocery, we are trying to stay home today and let her rest. Or, as much as you can get an active toddler to rest. She does not want to slow down until I put her down for a nap!

So, I figured today would be a good day to try another recap post. Note: This was actually my recap from Wednesday but I did not have a chance to finish it until today.

5:15/5:25/5:35 – alarm goes off, I hit snooze, finally get out of bed just after 5:30. Get dressed, changed, and head out the door by 5:45 am for my morning run. Ran an easy four miles around my neighborhood. A little tired from last night’s run but I wanted to try to go to Yoga tonight, so I needed to run in the morning.

6:15 – Back from my run. Stretch, drink some water, make/drink coffee, check face book, twitter, e-mail, read blogs, etc. and just enjoy some quiet time in the morning. I love the mornings and treasure this quiet time to myself while my family is sleeping!

6:45 – Little Miss is up. She has a cold so she has been a little fussy but thankful that she slept well last night and seems to be happy. She snuggles in bed with dada and I jump in the shower to get ready for the day.

7:00 – 7:45 – get dressed, play with little Miss, have a pillow fight, put on some laundry, make to trips to change her diaper, brush her teeth, get little Miss dressed for the day!



7:50 – Little Miss watches her favorite show, Mickey Mouse, which she refers to as hot dog. I take this time to get breakfast ready, get some dinner prep items ready, get my grocery list together, and catch up on the day so far!


8:30 – eat breakfast, fold yesterday’s laundry, dust, vacuum. Little Miss makes tea and helps me “clean” around the house. She loves to imitate and follow me as I do chores around the house.

IMG_1166Doing some reading. She is very advanced for her age:)


Taking her dolls for a stroll


Putting her bear in time out. Noticed she moved my shoes for this!

9:30 – off to Target for some groceries!


10:45 – home. Normally we play outside but getting lots of rain today. Thankful for this rain to help cool things off. Unpack groceries, make lunch, eat, clean up kitchen, play around the house before naptime.

IMG_1172 Lunch, yes she is eating cereal! The only thing I can get her to eat w/ this cold!

12:30 – get ready for nap. Read books. I have to put a quota on this because she will let me read books all day if I let her (which is good but she needs to rest), play music, and play quietly in her room.

IMG_1173 I come back into the living after her nap and see that she has decided to sort her alphabet letters in the dish wash basket. Very organized!

1:00 – asleep, time for me to relax, blog, read, check my e-mail, take a power nap, and just have some downtime before little Miss is up and ready to go! It is overcast and rainy outside and I love reading and sipping my coffee in the rain!



2:30 – Little Miss is up. She is obviously pretty fussy and tired but is not sleeping well with her cold so I let her watch some cartoons. We normally spend our afternoons outside playing in the pool but we are still getting rain.

3:30 – rain lets up, time to play outside for a bit!

4:30 – rain is back, back inside we go! Snack for me and little Miss. We play inside, I finish up dinner. I made a modified version of the Pioneer Woman’s Barbeque Chicken Pizza. I did not feel like taking the time or effort to make my own pizza dough but this turned out pretty well with the store bought pizza crust.

4433733640_9a24e49835_o5:30 – dinner for Olivia!

6:00 – bath time, dada is home.

6:30 – bedtime routine begins. Little Miss insists we read several books and refused to let dada read any stores to her, only mama. Finally get her tucked in and asleep by 7:00 pm.

7:00 – off to Hot Yoga at Yoga Bliss. I think I might die if the instructor makes me do one more chaturanga. But did manage to survive the backbends/wheel pose. I’m so tired and thankful when we relax in our final resting pose and the instructor puts a cool, peppermint/lavender scented towel on my head…ahh, I’ll be lucky if I don’t fall asleep in this pose!

9:00 – Home, grab a quick dinner, shower, do some reading, chat with the hubby.

10:15 – lights out! Time to rest and get ready for another day in the life…


5 thoughts on “a day in the life

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  2. Great post. We have a nanny and I don’t get nearly as much stuff done all day as you do in an hour or two. Amazing.

  3. Loved reading about your life!! Seriously, sincerely. Feel like we are friends now. 🙂 Ahh, your life sounds like it has so much more routine and order in it than mine….Ha! These days it is so crazy…I don’t know what my day in the life would look like. breaking up fights, start to unload the dishwasher then get called to the other room to get some gum out of the hair or calm down the kid that just got his finger stuck in the door, back to the kitchen, phone rings, 2 year old throws fit because he can’t have his gummie vitamins for a second time. REalize that I have to be out the door and have 3 kids ready (fed, dressed, groomed) including myself in under 30 minutes so I freak out…..ha ha.
    Love getting up early this week though. In the winter I was getting up when the kids got up and I hit the ground running…no ME time!

    Have a great day!

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