Weekend Recap and Lululemon Love

My toddler has come down with an awful case of fever blisters associated with terrible fever that has made for a tough weekend. Trying to get a toddler to rest is a challenge in and of itself and while I am really not a fan of my daughter watching tv, I have resorted to letting her watch several episodes of Mickey Mouse so that I can get her to rest and not get overheated with her fever.

So, this weekend has involved a lot of relaxing and reading.  My husband and I splurged for our anniversary and went on a cruise a couple of weeks ago so we decided for our actual anniversary to enjoy a simple meal at home after we put our toddler to bed. After a challenging run Saturday and several glasses of wine, I was looking forward to sleeping in a bit Sunday morning.  However, my poor toddler was up at 11:30 until 2:00 in pain from her ulcers and fever.  Every time I tried to put her down in her crib to let her rest she would just cry. So, I did what any mother would do and just held her and let her rest until she felt comfortable enough so that she could sleep. It is the worst feeling in the world seeing your child suffering and in pain.

So, now we are up Sunday morning watching Beauty and the Beast and reading and hoping that she can recover from this soon.

On Saturday, I did get out for a quick trip to our new Lululemon showroom.  My husband bought me a gift card for my birthday and I was anxious to try on some of their new gear.  I came home with my first running skirt. It is pink and so cute and comfy. Plus, it is perfect to also just wear around the house when I am home. At the price tag for their gear, I will have to limit my purchases to once/year.  But, perhaps over time I can invest and upgrade my old running gear.

Run Energy Skirt - Photo Courtesy of Lululemon Website

But with all this resting on Friday, I had a great workout on Saturday. I ran with Varsity Sports and we did two 3.5 mile loops on the marathon course which involved some hills on the latter part of the loop. The goal was to run the second loop faster than the first.  I ran a total of 7.07 miles with the first loop at 28:16 and the second loop at 27:09 and all but one of my miles were below an 8:00 minute pace/mile.  I love these group runs because there are lots of folks out there to challenge me and keep me going on these runs.


One thought on “Weekend Recap and Lululemon Love

  1. Agreed I really love their stuff, but I am trying to be sensible about buying things here and there rather than a massive shopping spree. hope everyone gets to feeling better!!

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