Week Three – Training Recap

Okay, so a weekly recap is really kind of a boring post, but I like to keep track of my running, mileage, etc. so that I can look back on my running and see how I am feeling about my training. I was worried that this week was going to be a little of an off week, but I was actually able to get in some decent mileage, despite the craziness of last week.

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 5 miles/40 mins/8:04 pace
  • Wednesday: rest and a little bummed I missed Hot Yoga
  • Thursday: 4.5 miles with 4 pickups (Garmin died not sure about pace)
  • Friday: 5 miles/41 mins/8:14 pace
  • Saturday: 8.18 miles/1:08/8:18 pace
  • Sunday: 4 miles/32:13/8:03 pace

Total: 26.68 miles

So, I finished week three of the twenty-four week marathon training plan. This was the first week where I ran all my runs without my iPod.  This was definitely not on purpose. I love having my running music but kept forgetting to charge my iPod at night. It is nice to take a break and enjoy some runs without music or even my Garmin. But, I find some tunes in the morning keeps me moving for those early morning runs.

This upcoming week is a recovery week so I can back down on some mileage before I start another build phase. Thankfully, I am finally feeling like I am adjusting a little better to this heat, especially for my Saturday morning long runs. Plus, I think meeting new runners each week at the Varsity Sports group runs keeps me going, despite the crazy heat. Can you tell I don’t like the summer?!?

Other than that, I had a nice fourth of July weekend with way to much food from the grill, visit with friends and family, and an awesome pie I picked up from the farmer’s market on Saturday. I could not pass up this glorious pie for my Fourth of July meal!. And yes, it was delicious!


4 thoughts on “Week Three – Training Recap

  1. Wow! Your times are amazing. I am so hoping to get up to 8:30 miles over 4-5 mile runs. That is so awesome!

  2. You had a marathon week! Great job, lady! I don’t think weekly recap posts are boring at all. I think it is fun to watch others’ progress as well!

    That pie looks AMAZING! Did you get that at the Red Stick Farmers Market? What was in it? I hope it was as tasty as it looked!

    • Thanks Katie! I guess the accountant in me loves to keep track of mileage and stats! But yes I did get it at the farmer’s market and it was so good! It was blueberry and cherry pie. Delish!

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