Hot Yoga and Yoglates

Going along with my avoiding a rut post a couple of weeks ago, I decided to try a new workout yesterday. I met one of the Yoglates instructors at the Lululemon showroom a few weeks ago and after chatting with @RunBimma who is a regular at the Yoglates classes, I was ready for a new workout.

The class started at 5:45 am, so I was up just before 5:00 to get up and get ready for the workout. Normally, I get up about 5:30 in the morning, so I’m used to morning workouts. But, there is something about being up before 5:00 that just feels a little crazy!  I arrived in time to pay and took a spot somewhere in the middle of the class. Now, I am the most uncoordinated/inflexible person ever! But, I know I need to work on this so I was ready to take on this class.

The class started with stretching and warm-up poses and I’m thinking I can handle 45 minutes of this workout. Once we got into the routine, things got lot tougher! I don’t recall the entire sequence because I was just trying to keep up and learn the poses, but the instructor led us through a series of exercises to designed to work our legs, abs, glutes, and upper body. At one point she had us doing some crazy push-ups with leg crossovers that had me struggling to hold my body weight and keep up with the moves.

The class was very different from my typical hot yoga class that I attend at Yoga Bliss. Unlike Yoglates, the yoga classes I have attended focus on movement/flow with breath. Yoglates focused on very specific, targeted moves to strengthen your core.  In yoga, we flow through a series of sun salutes, standing poses, balance poses, backbends/inversions, and core work. Individually, the yoga poses  may not seem tough but holding and flowing through the poses for 75+ minutes in a very hot room results in a very tough workout!

The philosophies of the classes also seem to differ. Yoglates tends to have a little more of a Western, American influence in which we focus on working through repetitions and “feeling the burn”. In yoga, the instructors speak a lot about “ahimsa’” which literally means non-violence or to do no harm. This can be translated and applied to many levels, but as an athlete, I translate this as determining your own body’s limits and boundaries and respecting those boundaries. Some days you may breeze through the workout and other days, you may spend twenty minutes in child’s pose because your  body is just too tired from the day, and that is okay!

As a runner, I love this philosophy in yoga and this time in my exercise routine to respect my limits because when I am training for a race, I constantly push my body to the edge. I tend to be critical of myself if I have an “off day” of running. So, this offers a great balance for me.

Overall, Yoglates was a fantastic workout and I could definitely see how regular practice at Yoglates would be excellent to build up my core strength for marathon training. The instructor was awesome and kept me motivated all the while doing a great job of explaining the moves and correct posture for the exercises. I was feeling the effects of the squats on my five mile fartlek run this morning. I think both practices would be an excellent addition to any runner’s training program, depending on your workout style.

So, as we say in yoga, Namaste 🙂


4 thoughts on “Hot Yoga and Yoglates

  1. I love Yoga, but have never tried Hot Yoga. I really enjoyed Yoglates, but it was much different than I expected. I was thinking there would me more yoga, but I felt like it focused more on the Pilates moves. I definitely agree about the differences in workout style. I want to try Hot Yoga!

  2. Sounds like something I’d like, since I always end up feeling “not worked out” after yoga (maybe I’m not doing it right!!!).
    I will try to be there to cheer Abe on this fall – that’s so neat of you to put a group together – so I might see you there. Honestly I think Abe’s burned out a little. It’s not just too much running, it’s double majoring and working and volunteering. He just has too much on his plate. But deep down I think he loves it!

  3. yes, Andrea taught the class and she does a great job!! She will definitely get you in shape going to that class. After Baby Key comes you will have to try Hot Yoga sometime. We usually have several triathletes/runners in the Wed night class and I really think the combo of strength/flexibility does wonders in preventing injuries! But for now, stay cool and take care of Baby Key!

  4. So glad you enjoyed Yoglates? Who taught the class? I hope it was Andrea. She is a doll! I can’t wait to try hot yoga one day, but my doctor says to avoid it for now. Apparently it is TOO intense for me and the bebe. But it sounds like you rocked it!! It is always fun to find ways to mix up your workouts! Keep the body and muscles guessing!

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