Sign Me Up!

Well, I finally decided to go ahead and pay the registration fee for some fall races.! As a stay at home mom and part-time employee, we have a budget to live by so  this means I have to pick and choose races I want to run or else I could spend a small fortune on race registration fees.  I signed up for the Jazz Half Marathon in New Orleans in October and have another couple of fun runs I plan to do later in the fall.

This all started after  a bit of a discouraging run last Saturday.  I went out for the Varsity Sports group run and despite it being slighter cooler in the morning, I just had a tough run. I started out a bit too fast, got lost, ended up running further out than I was supposed to, and had to take several stop/water breaks along the route. I was feeling a bit discouraged about my running and even though I finished with an 8:13 average pace, I just felt so tired and frustrated.

So, I figured, I needed to plan some fun run/races to mix things up a bit and to keep up my motivation. Here are just a few races I have in mind for the fall:

I generally like to do only a race or so a month, so I’ll see what races I feel like doing after the Jazz half. But having some races in mind helps keep me focused and working towards a goal.


2 thoughts on “Sign Me Up!

  1. No, I have not done it before but I’m just excited about being back in NOLA for a race! You should look into if you are ready for a half by then.

  2. What a great way to get motivated again. Did you run the Jazz half in either of its first two years? I’m not planning on it, but that may change.

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