Race Recap – 2 mile races are hard!!

CSR 2 mile Hump Day Run – 13:42

Last night I ran my first two mile race in years! My last race was April 9th. I was injured and sick at this race and I decided it was time to try and run a race again! While I love the challenge of a race and I think it is a great tool to see where you are with your training, I have developed a love/hate relationship with racing, particularly short races.  Short races (5k and under) are hard! They seem super fast to me and I tend to forget that I’m no longer that 20 something college runner with oodles of time to train, rest, and prep for a race!

Our local running club sponsors a series of two mile races over the summer. Last night’s race was five minutes from my house and it was free. I had a five mile tempo run scheduled so I had no excuses not to run this race in lieu of my tempo run. I woke up really early (eek 5 am)  to head out to do some yoga Wednesday morning and had a busy day with the toddler at home.  So I was seriously trying to convince myself that I could blow off this race. But I knew that I needed to get a race/run in to see where I was with my training. So, I left little miss home with her dad and headed out for the race.

The race was located at Highland Road Park. This is a hilly, grassy course where the local cross country meets are held. I ran cross country in high school and college, so I have run many meets at this course. It is really a great place for a race but we have been having tons of rain here in South Louisiana. So, I knew this was going to be a super muddy, hilly run! As usual, I forgot my camera but if you want to see some pictures of the course (at least what it looks like when it is dry), you can check out the pictures posted on Claim Your Journey. The pictures don’t feature the lovely hills we run on the course, but it is one of my favorite places to run in the city.

The race started at 7 pm after the half mile youth event. I originally had planned to run a five mile tempo run with three miles at 7:00ish pace, so I figured that would be a good pace for the two miler. I started out at a moderate pace, not wanting to kill myself by trying to get caught up in the pack of young teens in the race and crossed the first half mile in 3:27. Towards the latter end of the first mile, I caught up  with  @jamiecgary who was racing after an early morning tempo run! It was nice to see a familiar face among the teens we were running with! I crossed the first mile in 7:02 and felt really good.  I raced down the straightaway and knew that once I got up the next hill, it was flat/downhill until end of the race!

My second mile was 6:40, over 20 seconds faster than the first and I crossed the finish line in 13:42.  The beauty of a two mile race is that once you start to feel tired, the run is almost over. I think I could have pushed a little more towards the beginning of the race but it has been years since I ran a two mile race so I was not sure how to pace this. I was the second female and felt really great about my time/splits given the hilly/muddy course. It was definitely more challenging than your typical road race but good practice for the Loyola Cross Country Invite 5k I will be running as part of an alumni team in September.


One thought on “Race Recap – 2 mile races are hard!!

  1. I am so impressed by your time! I couldn’t run a half mile in 3:30 to save my life and keeping up that pace for 2 miles is just awesome. Congrats!

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