a lapse…

I realize it has been a while since I have posted.  The last few weeks have been busy and to be honest, I’ve had other things to focus on than blogging. Sometimes I have to let some things slide, and blogging always seems the first to go when life gets hectic.  My little one caught another summer flu/cold last week. It seems that the toddlers get into everything, which means that they pick up all kinds of colds, infections, etc. Usually she gets sick first, and then I am next. You would think I would have built up a better immunity by now but I swear, before I had her, I was never sick!  When she is sick, we usually fall into the typical roles of resting, staying out of the heat, and spending time at home. With the record breaking temperatures we have had in South Louisiana, I am usually fine with having this time to relax and recoup. While I do let her watch an occasional after TV show, we try and find other creative ways to stay busy and play. This usually results in quite a messy house:




Little things like a duck Easter basket can be quite fun to keep a toddler entertained. Yes, a basket can double as a fashionable hat!



While I hate being sick, I do love the lazy days of summer. I work at a University part-time and the summer is always a nice break in the schedule. Faculty are away so the office is quiet and there is more downtime to catch up with work that I have put off. At home,  we have been enjoying our free time, doing some organizing around the house, and relaxing for the last days of summer before the busyness of the fall begins.  Next month, little Miss is starting “school.” Well, technically it is not school as it is only a two day a week Mother’s Day Out/early preschool program but with mother’s day out, music class, and a new semester on the horizon, the lazy days of summer are almost over and life will be more structured.  I finally put together my marathon training program, so the real fall increase in mileage begins!

I’m thankful to have this downtime the past week or so to watch movies while it rains in the afternoons, take long walks around the neighborhood in the evening, and just enjoy the freedom of summer.


3 thoughts on “a lapse…

  1. I love you guys!!!!!

  2. Sounds like you have been busy! So sorry to hear you and Little Miss have been battling cold bugs. It super sucks to be sick in the summertime. That pic of her in the fuzzy Easter basket is ADORABLE!!! 🙂

    • Thanks! For some reason my toddler loves to use buckets as a hat! We are feeling much better and it is just in time for marathon training to begin. Hope your toes are better in time for the red dress run this weekend!!!

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