marathon training?!?

So, some time earlier this week putting together what I thought was a good training plan for the White Rock Marathon on December 4th in Dallas.

This plan is adapted from Matt Fitzgerald’s Brain Training For Runners. I used the Level One Plan which calls for four days a week of training but I added a recovery run/day on Friday which will be anywhere from 2 – 6 miles depending on how I feel. This plan calls for two days of speed work but that seems a little aggressive for me for a marathon. Given that I have done little to no speed work over the past couple of years, I think one day a week of speed is plenty.

Based on my most recent 5k of 20:06, I used the McMillan Running Calculator to calculate my equivalent marathon time. This puts me at 3:15 marathon. This seems very aggressive to me and I find it hard to believe that just because I may have a LITTLE bit of speed in me that I could run a 3:15 marathon!  So, I based my speed work training on a somewhat more reasonable marathon time, in the 3:30 to 3:35 range. This is still a lot faster than my first, but with the new Boston Qualifying Standards moved up to 3:35 for my age group, I figured it would not hurt to train at this pace.

Besides the White Rock in Dallas, I also plan to run the Loyola Cross Country Invitational on September 10th and the Jazz Half Marathon New Orleans on October 29th.

The plan:



I am still not 100% committed to running the marathon yet. Yes, I hate to commit. But, I wanted to give myself a few weeks to get into the training before I decide. I have battled plantar fasciitis and tendinitis over the past year so I certainly don’t want to jump into marathon training and get re-injured. The goal is to stay running and keep the injuries at bay.

Any tips, thoughts, or advice on marathon training?!? The last full marathon I ran was over three years ago so any tips/advice would be appreciated!


5 thoughts on “marathon training?!?

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with marathon training, but I do enjoy gradually increasing my running volume and reaping the benefits on race day.
    I think that one day of speed work is plenty for sure. I do think you could run a 3:15 based on your 5k time so don’t sell yourself short, though it does take a lot of time to build that kind of endurance.
    When my kids were little all I could manage was an occasional 5k, so I’m totally impressed that you want to take on the challenge — Boston or Bust I say!

    • thanks for the advice rebecca! I want to run the marathon but I have a love/hate relationship with it too! I struggle with balancing training, work, and family life, especially with a very busy toddler! But, I know that before long, we will want to expand our family of three to a family of four, so I figured perhaps I should aim for a marathon now before I get too busy tending to a family of four!

  2. I’m so excited for you, Stephanie! Is a BQ your main goal, or are you focusing on this race in general? Can’t wait to read about your training, especially given the injury prevention aspect.

    • Thanks ladies! Excited and nervous about committing. I don’t mind putting in the training, just finding the time can be challenging. And yes, as much as I would love a BQ, the goal is to just train, stay injury free, and get another marathon under my belt!

  3. Yay! Run WR! I have no advice – you are a good amount speedier than me. But I think you’re awesome and can definitely do it! I haven’t registered either – I figure I have until the price increase at the end of the month before I fully commit. But yay!

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