a break from the heat

I went out for a 10+ mile run last weekend. It was a group run and I felt great the entire run! It was one of those runs where you could keep on going and just felt happy to be out running and doing something healthy for myself. I felt so thankful for this time to be out on Saturday morning enjoying a long run.

Although my pace was pretty similar to my previous week’s ten miler, we had a break in the humidity in South Louisiana last weekend. It was awesome! For those of you who live in hot areas, I get that it is tough to run in the heat. In South Louisiana, we battle with the heat and humidity. So, this means that even if you get up for a run at the crack’ o dawn, you still walk outside and immediately feel like you have stepped into a sauna. Yes, it is muggy. Great for your skin but it always leaves me super sweaty and tired! Plus, I can never seem to tame my wavy hair during the crazy summer humidity.

I spent the entire last summer injured and focused cross training due to a nasty battle with plantar fasciitis, so I forgot about how tough it can be to train through the summer months. But with this break, I realized that before too long (hopefully by October?!?), fall weather will be here and I will get to enjoy running during my favorite season: fall. I love everything about fall: cool weather, pumpkin spice lattes, college football, gumbo, church fairs, etc.

I am not sure what caused this change in the weather and I know the humidity/heat will return once again before we finally experience some cooler weather for the fall, but this little break  was enough to get me motivated and ready for the fall.

Until then, I’m going get some miles in this week before the hubby and I head off to see the Tigers play the opening game against Oregon in the Cowboys Stadium. I’m just a little excited about this road trip to Dallas:)


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