Loyola Alumni 5k

So, I had a great time at my alumni 5k this morning. After a night of tossing and turning, I was so nervous I could not sleep, I was up at 4:45 am to get ready for the road. After a cup of coffee, I was on the road by 5:30 and made it to NOLA by 6:30 to meet my former teammates.

The race was held at Lafraniere park outside of New Orleans. It was a grassy course with some small hills. Nothing major but enough to tire you out. After a warm-up, some laughs, fun pictures, and reminiscing, we were off to start the 5k at 8:00.

My Garmin splits got messed up, but I finished the race in 20:35 which was approximately at 6:38 mile pace. After the first mile, my legs felt dead and I was so tired and ready to quit, but I gutted through this race and finished 12th overall.

It was great to catch up with my old teammates. And while I’m happy I got to run this race, I have decided that I’m not particularly fond of 5k races any more. They are quick but they are also fast and painful! My friend Sean and I had a discussion about this. He loves to race but hates the training process. I’m the opposite, I love to run, to put the miles in, to get up each day and log some distance. But when it comes to races, I’m a complete nervous wreck. Part of me knows how painful racing can be. It is all guts and glory. And while I happily took on the challenge for my high school and college years, I’m happy now just to enjoy having time to run. But hey, if I can still run a sub 21k 5k, I feel pretty good about that.

So, I think I’ll focus on some longer runs the rest of the fall/winter. Here are just a few I’m looking into:

10/15 – Forge Trail 5 miler

10/29 – Jazz Half Marathon

12/4 – Baton Rouge Beach Half Marathon

1/15 – Louisiana Half Marathon

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4 thoughts on “Loyola Alumni 5k

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  2. First of all, I love your new blog design.
    Second, you did so well in your race! I too prefer to just put in miles over racing. I’m leaving the guts and glory races to my boys from now on.
    The only 5k I ever do is a Turkey Trot that is so crowded and social that I don’t pay attention to how uncomfortable it is. The marathon is so nice because you can relax and have conversation along the way. If it weren’t for the last six miles problem it would be my favorite distance!

  3. thanks katie! I’m not gonna lie, I was struggling to get that sub 21 5k! With all this hard work you have been doing throughout your pregnancy, you are going to have a great racing season post-baby! Keep it up lady! You are certainly doing a great job keeping us all motivated.

  4. Great post, Steph! I love the pictures you posted on facebook! You look so cute! I would freak out if I EVER ran a sub-25 5k, let alone one under 21 minutes. You are awesome! I know what you mean though. I really like anything over the 5 mile distance. I might be slower but I have endurance that some other people don’t have. I like to capitalize on that! So glad you had a great time today!

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