pushing the boundaries

I’ve been a absent from the blogging world. September 15th brings corporate tax extensions for my husband and my toddlers second birthday. So, the first half of the month was a blur as my husband worked long hours and weekends and I planned/cleaned/cooked like a mad woman trying to get ready to host our daughter’s party at home.

I spent the summer doing easy, base mileage but now that summer has officially ended, I need to push the boundaries with my running and start doing some speed work/tempo runs. In college I used to love these workouts because I knew they would challenge me to run faster. I loved meeting my team for practice and the satisfaction I felt in hitting my goal interval times during a workout. But, I never thought as an adult that I would EVER do speed works on my own. I mean, who really wants to wake up and churn out 400 repeats by themselves? Not me. Most of my runs are done at 5:30 am in the dark, so the idea of doing interval work by myself at dawn did not sound appealing.

Last week, I did my first tempo run in a LONG time…6 miles with 4 miles at tempo pace. Yesterday, I did a ladder workout with 7 hill repeats between 200 to 400 meters, totaling 5.25 miles.  There is definitely lots of room for improvement but it felt great to vary the pace on my runs.  In doing so, I can’t help but think about what other areas of my life I need to do the same.

Last year, I volunteered to help teach our toddler music class. It is a group of about 20 moms and there toddlers who meet once/week for about an hour for the kids to play and sing songs.  The moms can visit and enjoy a much needed outing. I love this class because it is fun and affordable. I look at some of the activities available for toddlers and I am shocked at how expensive some of the programs are. As a stay at home mom, we are definitely on a budget and finding extra income to pay for expensive outings for a toddler can be tough. So, this is a perfect class for us!

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I volunteered to take on this responsibility because I hate being in front of a large group. I was a shy, quiet, history major who loved to bury herself in books. I obtained my MBA thinking that accounting/audit would be a perfect career for me. I could sit behind my desk and crunch numbers, test data, and do my work. But when I landed my first job out of grad school at a consulting firm which required presentations to upper level management requiring us to provide opinions to executives who were twice my age and with twice the work experience on there resume, I never quite got past my fear of presentations or speaking in front of a group.  Needless to say, I survived several years in this line of work but I realized that this was not the career for me.

I realize though that if I continue to stay in my comfort zone, nothing will change. I could maintain the status quo but my goal for this fall is to change things up, seek out new challenges, personal records, and experiences.  In my mind, I have always felt teaching, coaching, or pursuing a fitness/yoga instructor certification would be a great way to earn some money part time and keep up my hobbies. But in doing so, I will have to lead a group. So what a better way to get past these old fears by helping teach 20+ amazing moms and their sweet kids. 🙂


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