I could get used to this…

Due to a change in schedule, I worked on Wednesday instead of Thursday.  My toddler goes to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays so today I had three whole glorious hours to do whatever I wanted! I was thrilled. There were so many options.  I could clean my house, do some chores, go shopping, go to yoga. So many possibilities?  Part of me was leaning toward coming home cleaning since trying to do chores around the house is quite a challenge.  But, that sounded a bit boring. So, I met @katierunsthis at the lakes. I have been following her on twitter and I love her enthusiastic attitude about running and her passion for healthy living. So, it was so great to meet and  chat!

After our walk, I still had time to go grocery shopping and take my car through the car wash to have it cleaned and vacuumed. With a toddler, I have learned to keep shopping trips short as my toddler gets very restless in the shopping car. We only have a small window of time before she gets antsy, wants to crawl out of the basket, and then refuses to get back into the cart! There are times when I let her walk with me as I shop but this can be interesting because she has to point, pull out, and look at everything on the shelves! So,a whole hour to roam the aisles, read food labels, and compare prices was such a treat! I think all moms of small children can agree that sometimes just having free time to yourself can be a luxury!

My normal work schedule resumes next week but I realize that even the gift of free time can be a luxury…time to yourself to finish a project, meet new friends, and just be. When I pulled up to the carpool line at preschool to see my happy, enthusiastic toddler playing among her friends.  I was thankful for the gift of a wonderful, happy, healthy daughter. Sometimes I just need a little time to myself to take a break, step away from my role as a mom, and realize how truly blessed I am for my family, faith, friends, and health.


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