tempo tuesday…

I slept through my alarm this morning and woke up thinking I was going to miss my planned tempo run. I dread tempo/speed work but have been slowly adding them back into my training. They are tough but necessary to help improve as a runner.

According to my 5k time back in August, my goal time for the tempo portion of the run was 7:26. The first time I attempted a tempo run I thought there was no way I could hit a 7:26 mile on a six mile tempo run. But, I finished my last “tempo” mile in 7:10.

Last week, my tempo miles were 7:08 and 7:02…

This week, I hit a sub 7 minute pace on my six mile tempo run…

  • 7:38
  • 7:03
  • 6:55
  • 6:53
  • 6:59
  • 7:34

I seriously thought my Garmin was off when I saw the first sub seven minute mile. This run was hard but not so challenging that I could not hold a steady pace.  I need to work on pacing to start off slower and finish stronger toward the end but I have time for that. Next tempo, I may have to throw out/ignore the Garmin and run by feel because.  At times, I feel like focusing on the numbers tends to hold you back. I’ll see a quick mile, panic, and tell myself to scale back when really, I can hold the pace.

So, I’m not sure if it was the extra sleep, the change in scenery, or the cooler weather but I feel like finally all my running in the dreaded summer heat might be paying off?!?


4 thoughts on “tempo tuesday…

  1. Those are amazing times. I bow to your awesome speed! Way to go!

  2. Awesome splits Stephanie! Did you run on the track or the mill? I hate doing tempos on roads b/c hills throw my pace way off.

    • Thanks Rebecca! I don’t have access to a treadmill and get really bored on the track so I actually did this one on the road. Luckily, Louisiana is very flat so I don’t have the hills to battle with on these runs.

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