a day in the life…October edition

I thought it would be a good time to do another day in the life post. I did this a few months ago with the goal of being able to look back and remember what I did all day with a toddler around the house.

5:15 – alarm goes off, hit snooze.

5:25 – alarm goes off, get dressed, get running gear ready, wake up hubby.

5:45 – out the door for my run. Today’s workout is mile repeats. One mile warm-up, 2X 1 mile repeats in 6:37, 6:30, 1.5 mile cool down for a total of 5 miles in 37:27. Was hoping to do three repeats but the husband had to be out of the house by 6:30 so just did two. I think the last time I did mile repeats was in college. It is always tough for me to do these workouts first thing in the morning, around the neighborhood. In a dream world I will be able to get to a track, run with some other folks, and perhaps get a workout in while it is light outside. I can dream, right?!?

6:30 – back home, showered, make coffee, drink coffee, stretch, check face book, twitter, blogs, etc. I really have too many social networking sites to keep up with!

7:30 – toddler is up. She slept late! So nice to have a little quiet time before the fun/chaos begins. Change diaper, get milk, get blanket. Visit a bit and she gets to watch Mickey Mouse for 30 minutes while I get breakfast ready.  I eat breakfast and get hers ready while she enjoys her show:


8:15 – Breakfast time. Every since little miss got these awful fever blisters in her mouth over the summer, her appetite has not been the same. Trying to get her to eat these days is a challenge but she is a good eater and I am thankful she likes healthy foods and fruits and veggies. Lately, all she wants is milk but I am trying my best to get her to eat well balanced meals. Failed on the toast and peaches but did get her to eat some eggs and apple slices.


She gets distracted really easily and likes to make tea instead of eat her own breakfast.

IMG_1466 IMG_1465

8:30 – head to finish getting dressed. Normally, I can get dressed very fast and try to do this before she is up but I was taking my time this morning. Little miss wants to do everything herself these days and we got diverted by a trip to the bathroom because she wanted to sit on her potty.  Later she wanted to dry her hair and brush her teeth herself. Little Miss independent.


9:15 – finally dressed and ready to go. Pack snacks/drinks for our errands because you don’t want to deal with a hungry/thirsty toddler when you are trying to run errands. The toddler meltdown is not pretty.


Checking her purse for her goods


By 9:30, we are out the door to get some things done: take our watches to get repaired, birthday shopping for my husband, and a trip to Target for some milk and items for her Halloween costume. She loved trying on the Minnie Mouse ears:


Like anything with toddlers, timing is essential. You have to get in and out very quickly before they get too tired of being confined in the shopping stroller, are too hungry, or get fussy/tired.

12:00 – Made it home in time for lunch. Unpack goods and start getting lunches ready.

Lunch for Little Miss:


Lunch for me:


I found this salad combination from reading one of my favorite blogs, Complex Mom If you have not read her blog, you should. She is an awesome runner and mom of three boys and will be running the Nike Women’s Marathon!  Stop by her blog and wish her good luck in her race. I eat this salad several times a week because it has all the good stuff in it. Plus, I am trying to get more fruit/veggies in my diet and the huge portion of spinach for the salad helps.

We decide to eat our lunch outside because the weather has been so great and my in-laws gave little miss this awesome LSU picnic table for her birthday. She loves eating lunch outside.


She was not into the hummus today. Normally she loves it. She kept dipping her fingers in it and trying to give me some. Yum, hummus served from a toddler. Such a mess but I think it is so sweet that she at least offers to share her food.

1:00 – finish up lunch and off to read books and get ready for her nap.

1:30 – little Miss is asleep…ahh, quiet time to catch up on my daily recap, read, etc. I tidy up and contemplate cleaning but the house is pretty tidy and I’m feeling the effects of the early morning wake-up and mile repeats. Off for some time to read, read, and take a short nap.

2:00 – little Miss is coughing a lot so I go to check on her and give her some honey/water for her throat. Noticed she has a little bit of spit up and some vomit?! Such a small amount it was hard to tell. Get toddler out, strip bed, remake bed with clean sheets/blankets, clean up toddler, make some pedialyte, check her temps, give her some fluids. All the while she is playing and happy. She seemed ok and it was just a little spit up/vomit so laid her back down at 2:30.

3:00 – she is still up! Went to check on her.  She had a dirty diaper. Changed her, cleaned her up again. Laid her back down. Normally, she naps from about 1:30 to 3:00 and I contemplated letting her just stay up but figured she could use some rest with her cold.

3:30 – still not asleep so decide to just let her get up rather than risk her sleeping too late in the afternoon and being up all night! Time for little Miss to watch an episode of hot dog while I get some coffee. Guess I won’t get that nap today.

4:00 – play outside while I visit with my sister living in Nashville and enjoy my coffee.

4:30 – she seems to be feeling okay so I decide to take a quick trip to the park to let her play. It is empty so I let her swing and get some fresh air..

5:45 – home, water plants, get ready for dinner. Thankfully, I have leftovers and since my husband won’t be home until later, little Miss and I eat around 6:00. This is the time of the day when I wish my husband was home. Toddlers get tired and fussy and it is nice to have an extra hand for kitchen cleanup, bath, and bed time.

6:30 – after dinner, it is bath time, pj time, and the usual night routine…brush teeth, read books, relax.

7:15 – toddler in bed. Not asleep yet but just winding down. She is talking to her “friends” in her crib and singing songs..too funny! Finish cleaning up the kitchen, make coffee, tidy up, and update my daily recap. Get a text that my husband is coming home so looking forward to relaxing, visiting, and catching up on each other’s day.


One thought on “a day in the life…October edition

  1. Your daughter is adorable! My kids never had an appetite when they had a cold. I think I made a smoothie in a “special” cup with a straw and just hoped they would drink most of it.
    I hear you about that witching hour thing when all you want is an adult to come in and help out. MFP has never arrived home until bedtime, so that has been my greatest challenge in raising my kids.
    Thanks so much for the shout out, btw! Keep doing those mile repeats–

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