Half Marathon plans…

I signed up for the Jazz Half Marathon next weekend.

The last half marathon I ran was April 2007…

For the past year and a half, I have been racing mostly 5ks with a 10k thrown in the mix. So, I’m a I’m feeling a little unprepared for racing a half marathon.

I have completed two half marathons.  One was on a whim.  I trained while I was traveling full time for work. Except for the weekend long runs,  my runs were done at the wee crack o’dawn on an awful chain hotel treadmill.  At least my runs made up for all the dinners out.  Yes, my team ate Mexican food at least 3-4 times a week.  If anything, the training helped me to maintain my weight and not gain any additional pounds.  I ran a respectable 1:48.

My second half was the Country Music Marathon in Nashville. Again, I trained on my own but took another job which required less travel so I could actually run on my own terms. I Followed one of the Hal Higdon plans and felt a little more prepared for the race. I incorporated some tempo runs and hill workouts but really had no goal in mind other than to run this race with my family. My sister turned 30 and we celebrated her birthday by running this race as a family.

Throughout my training and race, I did not have a Garmin or means to monitor my training/racing pace and splits.  I was just planning to go out and have a fun race. Despite the hills, I felt pretty good in this race and noticed I was hitting my splits in the 7:4ish range. I finished with a time of 1:40, over an 8 minute pr on a hilly course.

Since then (and with the help of my handy Garmin), I feel like my training has been more focused. I can’t say I have followed a specific plan but having  been getting some quality runs in and started to add more focused tempo runs into the mix.

Gauging from my 5k times over the spring summer (ranging from 20:06 to 21:16), the handy McMillan Calculator has my race pace somewhere between the 1:32 and 1:38 range.

In an ideal world, I would run a sub 1:36. I would be happy with anything under a 1:40 but am thinking of aiming for 1:37 would be a nice goal. I have two more halfs scheduled in December and January, so if anything, this will give me an idea of what to expect/aim for in later races.

Time to get after it….


3 thoughts on “Half Marathon plans…

  1. Good luck!!!! (found you via “complicated day” over on Blog spot!). Seems like your training this year has been good and you will have no problems doing the pace you plan!!! Sounds like you have quite a good running year planned!

  2. Thanks Rebecca! I’ll be sure to post a full recap. I think I am physically able to break 1:36 but after years of racing in college, sometimes I am little scared/anxious about hurting that much in a race?!? If that makes sense… Good luck with your halfs. I have found adding in some speed work into my half training has really helped me to pick up the pace a bit and feel more confident about hitting some faster paces in my runs. That is so amazing that you will be able to run Boston!

  3. Can’t wait to read about it! The half marathon is tough. So intense. I much prefer the marathon. Breaking 1:36 will be a piece of cake for your fast legs. I am going to sign up for a few 13.1s this winter to get my legs in better shape for Boston.

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