Well, almost a week has gone by since my race last Saturday and after the high of running a race, reality has set in…

After I finished my race, I posted my time on my Facebook wall. I was happy to finish the race and don’t normally put a lot of running news on my Facebook page but wanted to share. I got lots of congrats from my peers, family members, etc, most of which can’t fathom running 13.1 miles, let alone trying to run it FAST. Yes, that is why I keep a blog/twitter account because it helps to have some support/motivation from other like-minded folks. Most of them women in my age group are married and balancing work, family, parenthood, and perhaps a little time for a social life, so find time to run and train is a challenge. Don’t get me wrong, I am balancing all this too. But, I still want to accomplish some goals for myself.

After the high of the race finish set in, I got a message from an old teammate. It was simple but honest….

“You are better than a 1:37”

To which I replied, yes, I probably should have raced harder, never felt as tired during the race as I do in a 5k, blah blah blah..

To which he responds…

“Stop being a wuss”

Ugh, as much as I loved the cheers and applauds from my friends and family, I knew he was right. We ran cross-country and track on the same team in college and given that he runs a sub 16 5k and a sub 34 min 10k, he knows a thing or two about racing and competing.

So, I’m not sure what my next training venture/plan will be, but I do know that I have room to improve. Instead of staying in my comfort zone and being cautious in my race, I need to learn to train hard and put all my effort out there on race day. I need to learn to race hard and stop being a wuss…


4 thoughts on “Reality

  1. I have been having these same feelings, as if I need to apologize for my recent marathon time. Since we can’t go back and do it again, all we can do is learn from our mistakes and move on. (That said I have never broken 1:40 in a half so I think that 1:37 is an awesome time — it’s all relative.) Plus, running is different when you are responsible for children and a house. It becomes more of an outlet and less of a competition.

    • Thanks Rebecca! I still feel happy about running a solid race and keeping my pace strong and even and feel great about my time. But, I think I have some room to improve. Finding the time to balance training with family responsibilities is tough. Not that I can use it as an excuse for slacking off but some things become more of a priority than training. Plus, did I mention my teammate is 30+ with no kids or wife? So, yeah, he has a little more free time and flexibility to run than I do!!

  2. I think there might need to be a bit of balance there. Firstly when you were running years ago your body was different than it is today. it is not always realistic to try to beat your high school type times. At the same time, knowing that you can do better and looking at ways to improve is also a good thing….

    Seems to me you had a good race, And that you can do better. When is your next big race???

    • I agree, I know I will never be able to beat my hs times! I just don’t have the time and am not willing to put that kind of effort into my training! But, I do think I have some room to improve. I am thinking about another half in December!

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