Mileage Lows and Toddler Woes

I was looking at my mileage this week and realized I had a low mileage week. Ugh, what happened?

I look back and realize what a crazy week the last one has been. As I mentioned in my last post, my two year old has figured out how to climb out of her crib and we converted her crib to a toddler bed. Last week was a battle trying figure out how to get little Miss to go to sleep. Ugh, this is easier said than done. Who knew a little toddler could cause such grief and be so stubborn!

So nap time and bed time have been a lengthy process (up to 2 hours) of trying to get little miss to stay in the her bed/room. We have tried various methods. So far, the most successful method has been to continue putting her back in the bed without speaking or making eye contact. My husband and I take turns and stand watch outside her room so that when she tries to sneak out, we can quickly put her back in the bed.

Any other method seems to make her mad or results in her trying to manipulate her way into staying up later. She is a very clever two year old and is very good at finding reasons why she should stay up late. After reading several books, a nice dinner, milk, bath and diaper change, she still insists she needs more milk, books, etc…

“read book mama/daddy”

“more milk please”

“i’m hungry/thirsty”

or, in her words, she explains that she has a dirty/wet diaper.

The result has been a toddler who stays up later each night yet she wakes up just as early as normal in the morning. Less sleep = fussy two year old. Which of course, results in an outbursts of temper tantrums, most recently have been regarding her choice of clothing or lack of desire to put on any clothes in the morning. Yes, I was the mom who sent my two year old to school on a VERY cold morning without pants/tights because after two hours of fighting her, I just gave up and let her go to school without anything on her legs. Despite all our efforts my husband and I combined could not force pants on this little one. You can’t will her to do anything. It is only when she thinks it is her decision to do something that you can make her get dressed, brush her teeth, etc. I never thought I would be THAT mom but then again, things change when you have kids.

So while I should have been venting my frustrations and burning off some steam from this week by going for a run, I was just tired and unmotivated this week. After my race in NOLA and months of getting up before dawn during the week and on Saturday mornings to get my mileage in, my legs/shins were sore and my desire to get up and train was gone.

So, I took some time off, enjoyed a fun party/outing with my husband on Friday a wedding on Saturday, and hosted my in-laws this weekend. My husband and I had some much needed time to get out and now that that we are getting a better handle on the new sleeping situations, I feel ready to jump into a new week of training. The Louisiana Half Marathon is just nine weeks away and that gives me plenty of time to get ready for another half.

Now that my toddler is resting a bit better, the tantrums are less frequent, and my sweet toddler that I have grown to love and cherish is slowly turning back to her normal self…at least, for now….


One thought on “Mileage Lows and Toddler Woes

  1. I don’t know how you do it all! Hang in there.

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