getting back on track…

Ok, after my last post, I felt a little like Negative Nancy…so, I figured I need to put some more positive vibes out to the blogosphere.

On the Toddler front…

Little Miss is getting adjusted to her toddler bed.  Last week it took over an hour an a half to get her fall asleep during nap-time/bed-time.  We have shortened that period to about thirty minutes. She still wakes up early (6 am) but after talking to another mama friend who’s kiddos are waking up at 5:00 every morning, I’m not going to complain.

The tantrums are less frequent and she is actually cooperating as we get dressed and ready for the day. I’m sure the tantrums will continue to crop up during her two and her threes, but if I am able to get her dressed without a HUGE fight I consider that a win.


After some time off last week, I had a great five miler run this morning. My mileage has been low so I guess my legs are rested enough to pick up the speed because my pace was once again faster this morning.  Perhaps all that speedwork is paying off? Or, I’m just not logging enough miles to warrant a recovery run.

I have nine weeks until the Louisiana Half Marathon. I did sign up for the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon on December 3rd but since we have a company party to go to the night before, I might scratch that one and just use it as a training run.

So, the goal is to keep my mileage up during the Thanksgiving festivities and hope that little Miss survives/sleeps during our trip to visit my in-laws next week for Thanksgiving. I’m really hoping to enjoy spending time with our family and it would be great to have a happy, well-rested toddler.  I don’t think that is too much to ask?!?

This is her happy face after she gets something sweet!


One thought on “getting back on track…

  1. Those 2 year olds can be tough. It does get better!

    Good luck with your half coming up and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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