giving myself a break…

I had a wonderful, but busy Thanksgiving. We escaped to Texas for a couple of days to visit with family, rest, and of course, indulge in some Thanksgiving goodies. It was a whirlwind trip and we enjoyed the time away but of course, being the homebody that I am, I am always happy to come back to my own place.

Lately, I have been feeling utterly exhausted and overwhelmed with handing my willful toddler.  She is a sweet, wonderful two year old but lately has decided she wants to make her own decisions about getting dressed, getting in her car seat, etc. After 45+ minutes of trying to wrestle her into her car seat so that we could make it to our weekly music class on Monday (which I teach), I finally had to call a sub because despite my best efforts, could not force  her in. She buckles her body, becomes a rag doll and makes it impossible to get her in without hurting myself. Exhausted, emotional, and frustrated, I just gave up and decided to stay home.

Tuesday was my work and her preschool day. It was 30+ degrees outside this morning and my husband and I endured another tantrum in which she refused to put a coat/pants on. We wrestled for over an hour and finally decided just to let her wear stockings and packed her coat for her teacher to put on.

We have been fighting these battles for over a month now and I am beginning to understand why they call this phase the terrible twos. Between transitioning to a toddler bed and wanting to exert her independence, we have been fighting a lot of toddler battles. I know this is a phase but it is left me feeling just a little overwhelmed.

So…needless to say, running has been put on the backburner a bit. I always imagined as a stay at home mom that I would have time to cook meals every night, keep the house clean, get shopping done during the week, and perhaps do some crafts/orginizational projects around the home. I admire all those lovely Pinterest projects and think surely I can have time to get some of these items done…until I realize what an effort it has been just to get my toddler dressed, out the door, and contained long enough to shop for said crafts, then attempt to find the time to craft!

So, after feeling a bit hopeless I had a great conversation with my sister and who reminded me that although it is nice to get some of those things done, my real job right now is to focus on rearing a healthy, smart, independent, kind, and loving child. So, may house may never really be clean, I may never get to those projects until the kiddos are in college but I just need to take a break and do the best I can.

On a side note, I almost forgot that I signed up for the Baton Rouge Beach Half Marathon. My husband has his office Christmas party the night before so between the craziness we have had around our house and a later night before the race, I decided that I am going to run this race for fun. I am going to run easy, enjoy the course, visit with runners/spectators, listen some music and leave the Garmin at home. When life gets busy sometimes I just have to take a step back from running and just run for the pure enjoyment of the sport and step back from focusing on times, splits, speed, and personal records.


2 thoughts on “giving myself a break…

  1. thanks katherine! I considered deleting this post because I felt super negative but I was having a rough time and needed to vent. Things are improving now and life is feeling a little more routine and normal (or as much as it can feel with a busy two year old!)

  2. You have a great outlook, Stephanie. I hope your daughter will grow out of this phase soon, and that you and your husband will be able to breathe a little. Good luck this weekend!

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