Remembering that Girl…

I had to send in some pictures to my university for an alumni event I will be attending in January (more details to come next month!). This had me searching through old boxes to find a somewhat decent picture of me running. This is easier said than done as I always look tired, pale, and awful in race photos. Yes, race photos don’t lie!

I finally settled on these two:



These pictures were taken my freshman year of college and when I first pulled out these photos, I always get a bit nostalgic for my college days. I was starting out at a new school, in a new city with a whole set of life experiences ahead of me. Yes, living in New Orleans was a change for me but so fun and I loved every minute of it. Thankfully, I had running to keep me from having too much fun.

I feel a tad bit envious of my younger self, I was in great running shape, young, and had my whole life ahead of me. But then I also remember what a young, shy, insecure freshman I was. While I may not be as fast or strong as my 18 year old self, I know a lot more about who I am, what I am willing to fight for, and what I am willing to let go of.

While I do miss being fast, I would not trade that security for my younger, sub 20 5k self. And I have a feeling that if I take time to put in some training and hard work, I will see that sub 20 5k again soon, all the while living my balanced, fun, yet busy life!


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