2011: a recap

An ex-collegiate athlete, I ran cross country and track in high school and for a small college. After college, I took a few years off and was a casual runner. I ran for fun and completed few half marathons and a marathon but never focused on time or pace. I just ran to burn off stress and stay healthy.  After my daughter was born, I battled with several injuries as I tried to get back into running. It wasn’t until 2011 that I returned to racing and decided I could focus on building some speed again. My races and times are not fast but I consider 2011 the year I focused on running again. My mileage has been low and I could probably count on my hands the number of double digit runs I ran, but I was able to achieve some new personal records despite my low mileage, injuries, etc. I know with a new baby arriving in July that I will not see any new personal records or mileage highs in 2012, but I hope by continuing to run (which I failed to do during my first pregnancy) that I will be able to get back into shape quickly and with less injury. Of course, I’m sure actually finding the time to run with two little ones will be a bigger challenge but I have somehow managed it so far and know that I will make time for my dear sport.

2011 Races:

Mardi Gras Mambo 10k – 44:14 (2/5/11) – my first 10k in over 10 years!

Brother Eldon 5k – 21:03 (3/18) – I won! I nice local 5k supporting my dad’s high school

Corporate Cup 5k– 20:06 (4/2) – overall female winner and new personal record. Won this race despite taking over a month off due to injuries!

Fat Boy 5k – 21:50 (4/9) – I was sick for this race and my leg still hurt from racing the weekend before/injuries so just ran this one for fun!

Club South Runners 2 miler– 13:42 (7/28) – a trail race, it was hot, muddy, and challenging but fun to run on the old high school cross country course.

Twilight Classic 5k 21:16 – (8/13) – an evening race, I knew when I saw the temperature read 96 degrees (not including humidity that this would be tough for a race) but still a fun run and always good to get a 5k under your belt.

Loyola Invitational 5k – 20:35 (9/10) ran this as part of an alumni team. Ugh, hills and cross country races are hard but loving racing with my old teammates again!

Jazz Half Marathon – 1:37 (10/22) – first half marathon in over four years. Felt great and set a new pr. My teammate tells me I can run faster. I think I can do better next time.

Sticker Stampede 3 miler – 20:48 (11/4) – a fun alumni race for my high school. Ran this for fun as part of my long run as was the overall female winner. Great race prizes!!


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