Week 7 (12/5-12/11)

So, I thought each week I would do a weekly recap of what it is like to train/run during my second pregnancy. I have no real goals other than to run as long as I can during my pregnancy, given my doctor’s approval. I figured I would throw in some races for fun but just enjoy running and not focus on times and pace. I start a new week of pregnancy each Monday so I’ll recap each week!

When I found out I was pregnant during week 5 (Thanksgiving Holidays), I decided to scale back the mileage and pace and just run for fun. The first two weeks you hardly even feel pregnant but this week the fatigue has set in….

Here is what week seven was like (12/5 -12/11):

Monday: planned to wake up and do yoga. Stayed up too late Sunday night and rolled over and slept in. I vowed to do some yoga when my toddler was napping but that did not happen either!

Tuesday: 4.5 miles – lovely cool morning run. Averaged 8:24 pace and am loving running in my new Brooks Pure Flow shoes. I decided to leave the music at home and just run.

Wednesday: 6.5 miles and averaged 8:36 pace. Cold and windy but felt motivated to run and realize that it helps my energy levels during the day when I get my morning run in!

Thursday: 3 miles averaging 8:31 pace. So cold and hard to get out of bed in the morning!

Friday: off

Saturday: 8 miles

Sunday : 5 miles on the new treadmill!

Total: 27 miles

Overall, felt great for the seventh week and despite feeling really tired and struggling to get out of bed in the am, I got some decent miles in. With my daughter still transitioning to the toddler bed, we have not had a lot of down time in the evenings and by the time she finally settles down after a day of refusing to nap (sometimes as late as 9 pm or later, I am exhausted!) Lately, it has been 1.5 plus hours of trying to get her to stay in the bed. We are still fighting getting her dressed in the mornings but she seems to be doing better with this even though the sleep situation does not seem to be improving. We finally broke down and put up a baby gate so she has to stay in her room but we don’t have to constantly put her in the bed. I felt this was a little less harsh than just locking the door but not as time consuming as the nanny 911 method of putting her back into her bed until she goes to sleep! She seems to make a game of this and we weren’t making any progress with this method!


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