Week 9 (12/19-12/25)

After battling my stomach bug, I finally started to feel better this week! I could eat foods and hold everything down and the naseau was better. I’m still very tired but that is expected. Here is my running for week nine:

Tuesday: 5 miles (8:13 pace)

Thursday: 4 miles (8:18 pace)

Friday: 5 miles (8:23 pace) – hoped to make this a six miler but ran out of time

Saturday: 10 glorious miles outside. Legs felt tired towards the end but great to be out in the cool, windy weather. Average 8:08 pace and felt great the entire time. Loved just running for fun and not worrying about pace.

Total: 24 miles

I had planned on a run Sunday but it was Christmas, we had a late night for Christmas Eve getting ready for Santa and I just wanted to sleep in Christmas day. A run post Christmas dinner was out of the question as I was so full and in a food coma! Overall, felt so much better this week but getting out of the bed in the morning when you are pregnant and tired is so hard. Ugh, must keep running!


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