The Taper

I log my mileage on Daily Mile. Since I do most of my runs solo, it is nice to have a group of local runners who also use Daily Mile to help motivate each other through workouts and runs. This weekend is the inaugural Louisiana Marathon. I signed up for this race before I knew I was pregnant and figured I would just run it easy if I was expecting baby #2. So, not that I need to taper but I figured an easy week after a few weeks running through my first trimester fatigue would not hurt. Several of my friends (on DM and in real life) are running this race. And I’ve heard grumbles from everyone this week about the taper.


I never thought I had a problem with the taper. I always thought it was nice to step back, log some easy miles, and rest/relax before the big race.

Until I realized that before every race during the week of my taper, I get sick!

Is it the taper? I can’t help but blame it on this. Or perhaps it is the lack of quality sleep I get. I tend to sleep better when I exercise so when I don’t sleep well, any type of cold or bug my toddler is carrying from preschool seems to get to me. Or perhaps some sore of mental self sabotage.

So, now at 11 weeks, almost 12 weeks pregnant, I have a scratchy throat, am hoarse, and feeling a little run down. I took it easy and slept in yesterday and today but can’t help wondering if it is okay for me to run Sunday since I am pregnant and have a slight cold. I certainly don’t want to jeopardize the health of my baby.  I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so I will discuss this with her and be certain to get the clear from her regarding this weekend.

Do you hate the taper? Do you race even when you are sick? I will if it is a minor cold but no racing if I have fever, body aches, or a stomach bug.


3 thoughts on “The Taper

  1. I tend to get sick taper week too… it’s like our body gets the message that it’s finally safe to let its guard down when we rest. I look forward to hearing what you decided to do!

  2. Hi, Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m interested in reading more about your preg/running journey. Hope you are feeling better soon. I have raced with a cold before, just have to adjust your expectations of the outcome.
    It’s funny as a mom, I always feel a little guilty when the first thing I think of when my kids are sick is: “I have race, I can’t get sick too!”

  3. You know what? My coach doesn’t believe in the standard 3-week taper that you see most programs adhere too. Sounds nuts, but he is a phenomenal distance runner who-at age 73-is still logging 3:29 marathons. So 10 days before my marathon, I’m doing a “slight” cutback in mileage (20%) to 44 miles, and then next week I’ll be running 20 miles plus the marathon (46.2 miles). While I was hesitant at first, and I thought I’d be burned out and need a taper by now, I feel great! I feel better than I did my last training cycle when I had a HUGE taper.

    Maybe try some Emergen-C the next couple of days for a vitamin C boost?

    Good luck in your race!

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