Week 12 (1/ – 1/15) and nap time struggles?!?

Well, in my 12 week of pregnancy, I finished my first half marathon as a mama to be! Technically, you are supposed to do a taper before a big race. I don’t think I really needed a taper since this was not a goal race, I considered it to be more of a training run. But, I found myself catching a terrible cold, so less mileage and extra rest the week of a race seemed like a good idea!

Here is my mileage for the week:

Monday: Easy 4 mile treadmill run (8:22) pace. Up a lot the night before with my sick toddler, so getting this run in was tough.

Wednesday: Still feeling sick/tired, so slept in and went for a run around the lakes with the jogging stroller. It was windy but got in an easy four miles and averaged 8:13 pace.

Friday: 3.5 miles on the treadmill (8:24 pace). Thankfully, feeling better but had an easy run.

Sunday: 13.12 miles (1:42:55) and averaged 7:50 pace. Felt great, beautiful weather, great course, etc.

Total: 24.62 miles

Thankfully, I am feeling less tired this week but with the extra rest from my cold, I slept as much as I cold this week and felt great by the weekend. I went to the doctor on Friday for a checkup and got to hear the heartbeat again! I was up three pounds (yikes!) but the baby’s heartbeat was strong and everything looks great. I got my flu shot, bloodwork, and the clearance from the doctor to run.

Last weekend, I had my in-laws in town which was a blessing because my husband ended up having to work the entire weekend. They were able to stay with Little Miss while I got my hair cut and ran to the expo. They left Saturday evening and my poor husband pulled an all nighter Saturday night and did not sleep at all from work. I came home Sunday after the race and he headed to work and I quickly transitioned from runner to mom.

I’m feeling much better this week but my toddler seems to be wanting to drop her naps. She is only 28 months and I feel like this is really early but if she naps, she is up until at least 9:00 at night. So, sometimes, rather than fight her on nap, I prefer to maybe just let her stay up during the day and got to bed early rather (7ish) than fight for a nap and fight again at night for bedtime.  But wow, it is hard to keep a toddler busy all day. I’m worn out by bedtime!

How did you know when your toddlers were ready to give up their nap? Any tips? I’m a little wary of giving up the nap because it is really helpful to have some downtime during the day!

Okay, I still want to do a Louisiana Half Marathon race recap. But that is another post for another day.


8 thoughts on “Week 12 (1/ – 1/15) and nap time struggles?!?

  1. Ugh, I am not looking forward to the nap dropping stage! Although, L’s never been a long napper, so I’m thinking if we push bedtime back a bit she might hold onto it a little longer. She’s turning 2, and naps about 1-1.5 hours, but still goes to bed at 7pm. Could you wake her around an hour to preserve an early bedtime and still get the break in the day? I hear you– entertaining a toddler all day is exhausting! And I keep saying this, but I am seriously so inspired by your pregnant pace!

    • she seems to be getting back into her naps this week, thankfully. I’m just not ready to let them go. I think I would rather her stay up a little later (8:30) and take a nap during the day than deal with a total meltdown at 5:30 (which happened when we tried dropping the nap!).

      Just having that small break in the day does help though!!

  2. thank you all for the nap tips! Still working through the sleep situation but it is nice to hear about other’s experiences.

  3. wow! great race! mine has had a few days here and there were she refuses to nap… its just weird…

  4. The only drawbacks I found from giving up the nap when the boys were little were 1) no downtime in the middle of the day and 2) I couldn’t take them out in public past 2 p.m. without them embarrassing me, because everyone knows that between 2 p.m. and bedtime life apparently becomes a real struggle for an overtired toddler.

  5. Wow, that’s a fast half marathon pace! Great job!

  6. Awesome job on your run! I am already facing the nap boycott with my son. He’s only 2 1/2 and my days of nap time with him are almost over. 😦 boooo!!

  7. Awesome run!

    I stopped napping my oldest and middle when it took more time to get them to sleep than they actually slept. Lol!!! My youngest (now 3) will nap if I lay with him for a bit… ok, until he falls asleep. 🙂

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