Week 14 (1/23-1/29)

I kept thinking that my energy would return this week but I still felt tired. Feeling tired and starting get a bit bored with treadmill running made for a not so great running week:

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 4 miles (8:24 pace)

Wednesday: 5 miles (8:30 pace)

Friday: 5 miles (8:30 pace)

Saturday: 5 miles on the road (8:08 pace)

Total: 19 miles

My husband and I went to my birthday dinner Friday evening and my daughter had a sleepover with the grandparents. While I planned to do a group run Saturday morning, I just felt the need to enjoy the quiet morning. So, I woke up, had my coffee, read, and then headed out for an easy five miles on the road before it was time to get ready for our trip to New Orleans.

I figured I could run some easy miles Sunday afternoon. But after the awards ceremony, me and two of my former teammates (with our significant others) went out for a drink. Well, I just had a virgin drink but everyone else had a cocktail. We got home around 11:30 and were asleep shortly thereafter only to be woken up by my toddler at 5:15 who woke up and would not go back to sleep. So, by the time we got home Sunday afternoon, she crashed and took a long nap and I just did not have the energy for a run. So, I rested and vowed to start back fresh again this week.

I felt pretty good about my decision until I got a text from my teammate Sean (who met us out for a drink after the awards on Saturday evening after being up all Friday night for his 610 Stompers ball) got up Sunday morning and ran a 1:14 half marathon, barely placing second in the race. This was in the wind and on the levee which must have been a pretty boring course.

Ugh…made me feel like a slacker for my Sunday rest day. But, then again, I”m pregnant so I’m enjoying this time to take it easy on the running.


2 thoughts on “Week 14 (1/23-1/29)

  1. I definitely know the feeling of beating yourself up for not doing a run you planned on, but you still got some good mileage in, and it sounds like your body was happy for a little rest! Glad you had a fun weekend!

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